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Since 1997 NLnet foundation has funded many projects, on many different layers of the internet as well as on capacity building, standards setting, open hardware, software licenses and education.

Projects supported by NLnet foundation inlude:

project end
0cpm 2013 0cpm, open firmware for digital telephony
802.11n feature of openwifi Open Hardware implementation of wifi
A Distributed Software Stack For Co-operation 2020 Facilitating easy ad hoc cooperation
A proof of concept of identity-based encryption Make encryption simpler
A-A-P 2003 tools for developing, distributing, and installing software
AbiCollab 2013 AbiWord Telepathy and SIP backends
AbiMacOS 2011 Port Abiword to MacOS
AbiRDF 2012 Abiword RDF
AbiRDF2 2013 Abiword RDF-2
Accessible security Integration effort of independent security efforts like Qubes, Heads, coreboot, etc
Adding TPM Support to Sequoia PGP Implement use of TPM 2.0 crypto hardware for OpenPGP
Adopt improvements in Email Encryption in KMail
Adopting the Noise Key Exchange in Tox Improved security of Tox instant messaging with NoiseIK
AEAP Automated e-mail address porting to a new provider
AGFL 2002 parser generator system for natural languages
AHA! 2003 transparent adaptive functionality for web servers
AI-VPN Local machine-based learned analysis of VPN trafffic
ALIAS 2003 analysis of legal and technical implications of the use of software agents
Ambulant 2007 providing a reference SMIL 3.0 implementation
Analog/Mixed-Signal Library OSHW component library for ASIC design
Anomos 2011 a pseudonymous, encrypted multi-peer-to-peer file distribution protocol
AREXERA Crawler C++ based web crawler
Armbian Versatile OS for ARM-based single board computers
ARPA2 2017 Working towards a decentralised global internet that offers security and privacy by design.
ARPA2 LDAP Middleware Privacy enhancing middleware
ARPA2 resource ACL and HTTP SASL modules for NGINX Extend consistent access control to NGINX webserver
ARPA2 Steamworks 2019 ARPA2 Steamworks
ARPA2 Steamworks Near-instantaneous controlled configuration settings over any network
ArtistHub Allow creative artists to gain visibility and build reputation on the web
Assessing Cyber Security 2015 This report aims to assessing what we know about cyber security threats based on a review of 70 studies published by public authorities, companies, and research organizations from about 15 countries over the last few years. It answers the following questions: what do we know about the number, origin, and impact of cyber attacks? What are the current and emerging cyber security trends? And how well are we prepared to face these threats?
Atom-Based Routing 2003 Improving global internet routing by implementing atom-based routers.
Atomic Data Typesafe handling of LinkedData
Autocrypt for Thunderbird Make email encryption extremely simple
Babelia Search engine and crawler in Scheme
Balthazar One laptop for the new internet age.
Balthazar - One laptop for the new internet age. A secure fully open hardware laptop
BBBsecureChat Add E2EE instant messaging to Big Blue Button meetings
betrusted A protected hardware device for your private matters.
Betrusted OS An embedded OS for cryptographic devices
Betrusted software A minimalist and secure OS for embedded communication devices
Betrusted Storage Plausably deniable encrypted storage
BIND DLZ 2005 BIND 9 Dynamically Loadable Zones implementation
Bitmask User-friendly and secure VPN configuration
Bits of Freedom 2006 support for Bits of Freedom
BlenderWeb 2009 free 3D animation and compositing suite
Blink Qt Messaging Add modern encryption to SIP softphone
Blink RELOAD Secure P2P real-time communications with RELOAD
Bonfire Search & Discovery Improving search and discoverability in the Fediverse
Briar 2020 A secure messaging app with offline capabilities
Bricophone 2009 community-oriented mobile phone infrastructure
Build Transparency (Trustix) Towards a decentralized supply chain for software
CAcert support for CAcert
CAIEC 2008 Investigate information offered by consumer organisations
Calligra-SVG 2012 Improve fallback mechanisms in Calligra ODF loading and saving.
Calligra-Windows 2012 Bringing Calligra Suite to Windows
Castopod Podcasting in the fediverse
Castopod Mobile Userfriendly mobile podcasting application
CeroWRT 2018 an experimental firmware to push forward the state of the art of edge networks and routers.
CeroWRT II Make Wi-Fi routers faster and more reliable
Certbot ECDSA support
Chips4Makers ASICs
CodeYard 2008 Open-Source software development for students in secondary education
Collabora Online and LibreOffice Improved visual document search for cloud service
Conferences sponsoring of various conferences
Connect by Name Library for easy connection setup
Conversations 2020 A secure mobile messaging client
Conzept encyclopedia An alternative encyclopedia
Corteza Discovery (Geo)search and discovery within federated services
CP2PC 2003 common programming interface for peer-to-peer systems
CPAN6 2011 collecting collections of digital information 2015 An open source open hardware security module to protect communications
CryptPad Real-time collaboration with client-side encryption
CryptPad for communities Collaborative web editor with client-side encryption
CryptPad: Project Dialogue Secure surveys and polls for Cryptpad
CUGAR 2011 Implement a Wireless Access Point and a back-end
CuteHIP 2010 lightweight implementation of Host Identity Protocol (HIP) on Java
Dat Private Network Private storage in DAT
DCnets Implementation of Dining Cryptographers Network
Decibel 2007 service architecture for multi-media based communication
Deep Firmware 2017 Active discovery of known and unknown security vulnerabilities in firmware
DeltaBot 2020 Social discovery over mail-based chat
Democratic Sendcomm An easy to use connected open hardware device with a flat learning curve
dhcpcanon Network configuration with better privacy
DIFR-TSPM 2009 a demonstrator of a different way to inform consumers about the RFID tags
DIME 2019 A new encrypted, end-to-end email protocol
Dino User-friendly and secure instant messaging
Discourse ActivityPub Connecting internet discussions with ActivityPub
Discover and move your coins by yourself A safe way to explore and work with cryptocurrency forks
Distributed Mechanism Learning Privacy preserving ways of distributed data usage
Distributed Private Trust Decentralised trust and reputation system
Distributed Trust for Web Servers Establishing a Distributed Trust Authority
DNSCCM 2012 DNS NSCP implementation for BIND and NSD
DNSSEC Key Signing Suite A best practise for DNSSEC Key Signing
DNSSEC-mail 2013 DNSSEC for OpenDKIM and OpenDMARC
Donations smaller contributions to various activities
Dowse 2016 Dowse is a smart digital network appliance for home based local area networks.
DRTM implementation for AMD processors Unified framework for dynamic RTM
e-Passports 2009 use of (hardware) electronic passports for user authentication over internet
Earthstar P2P protocol and APIs for collaborative and social applications
Edalize ASIC backend Create open hardware silicon with a fully free software toolchain
EDeA A forge suitable for open hardware development
eduVPN Making secure VPN network technology available to everyone
eduVPN app Add Wireguard protocol to federated VPN suite
eduVPN multi-protocol Review of the eduVPN multi-protocol project.
eduVPN on Apple eduVPN for Apple devices
eduVPN on Apple part II Improved version of eduVPN for Apple devices
EEZ DIB EEZ DIY Instrument Bus
EGIL SCIM client System for Cross-domain Identity Management
ELF Linking Analytic tools for UNIX' Executable and Linkable Format - Resilient, distributed content sharing Resilient, human-centered, distributed content sharing and discovery.
Email for expert news Keep up to date with a flow of publication
End-To-End Encryption for Jitsi Meet Proven strong encryption for open source video conferencing
Etebase - protocol and encryption enhancements Redesign EteSync protocol and encryption scheme
EteSync - iOS application Encrypted synchronisation for calendars, addressbook, etc
Explain Deep search on open educational resources
Explain Direct Providing effective and efficient access paradigms for open educational material
Extending PeerTube Adding advanced search capabailities to PeerTube
FairSync Simplify aggregation and discovery of places and events
Fairwaves 2013 Fairwaves
Fashion Freedom Supporting research, development, and education to bring the fashion industry into the 21st century
Faster and configurable datapath/Linux xfrm 2019 Rewriting nftables to optimise for xfrm Find your way in the Fediverse
FemtoStar Project Open Hardware Communications Satellite
FFII 2008 support for the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure
FileSender FileSender is a secure and private way to share large files with anyone.
Finish porting Replicant to newer Android version Alternative, free software version of Android
First Classify Documents Categorise different types of official documents
Fix the Pitch Black Attack in Freenet routing A decentralized distributed platform for private communication
FLOSS 2008 Stimulating FLOSS dissemination in The Netherlands
FLOSS-manuals 2009 on-demand printing of Open Source manuals
Fobnail Remote attestation delivered locally
Folksonomy engine for the food ecosystem Data modelling by the community
ForgeFed Federation for software collaboration tools
Fractal Native client for the Matrix protocol
Free Software Vulnerability Database A resource to aggregate software updates
FreeBSD-3G 2010 network drivers for 3G cards on FreeBSD
FSF 2008 support for the Free Software Foundation
FSF Europe 2010 support for the Free Software Foundation Europe
FSF Priority 2010 stimulating High Priority Projects of the Freedom Software Foundation
FTEproxy 2015 FTE enables developers to build systems resistant to surveillance and censorship.
Full-source GNU Mes on ARM and RISC-V Expand full-source bootstrap to other CPU platforms
Funkwhale ActivityPub-driven audio streaming and sharing
fwupd Automatic Firmware updates for BSD operating systems
Gash Port Gash to GNU Mes for auditable bootstrap
GDPR Compliance 2018 Support instruments for the country adoption of the GDPR
Genodepkgs When Genode and Nixpkgs meet
Geographic tagging of Routing and Forwarding Geographic tagging and discovery of Internet Routing and Forwarding
Geolexica reverse Reverse Semantic Search and Ontology Discovery via Machine Learning
GetDNS 2019 Deliver DNSSEC as a building block in harsh environments
GISS 2009 independent infrastructure for streaming radio and TV
Global Directories 2014 Distributed contact information discovery mechanism
Globule 2005 user-centric Content Delivery Network
GNU Guix Discovery of service configurations in a declarative setup
GNU Guix - Cuirass Continuous integration system for GNU Guix/Linux + Hurd
GNU Mes Help create an operating system we can trust
GNU Mes on ARM Trustworthy bootstrap for operating systems on ARM ISA
GNU Mes Tower GNU Mes with alternative scheme implementations and WASM
GNU Mes: Full Source bootstrap
GNU Name System Authenticated naming system for the internet from GNU project
GNU social Modernizing the original FOSS Social Network
GNU Taler Advanced electronic payment system for privacy-preserving payments
GNUnet Formalisation within IETF of R5N Distributed Hash Table design
GNUnet 2009 implementation and evaluation of an improved routing algorithm for GNUnet
GNUnet Messenger API API for decentralized instant messaging using CADET
GnuTLS 2019 Implement TLS-KDH in GnuTLS
GO-FOSS 2008 Teach employees in SMEs and NGOs the benefits of FOSS
GoatCounter Privacy-friendly web analytics for small websites
GoogleSharing 2011 GoogleSharing anonymizing proxy
Gosling Generic Onions Services Library Project
GPG Lacre project Best effort encryption of mail flows with OpenPGP
GPLv3 2007 GNU Public Licence v3 Development and Publicity Project
Graphics acceleration on Replicant Free software graphics drivers for mobile phones
Great OCR for SANE Integrate OCR capabilities into open source scanning tools
GSM-Sec 2011 GSM Security Project, debugging GSM transactions
GUN P2P Encryption 2019 A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine
Hackathons contributions to various hackathons
Haketilo/Hydrilla Browser extension for site customisatoin
Handling Data from IPv6 Scanning Scanning tools for scaling up IPv6 scans
Hardening OpenPGP CA deployments HSM support for OpenPGP key infrastructure
How AdTech works Improving public awareness of AdTech and privacy
HTTPS-Obs 2011 HTTPS Observatory
Hubzilla Federated social networking environment
HWIOS 2011 Hybrid Web In OpenSim (HWIOS)
Hyper Hyper Space Cryptographically secure append-only distributed data layer
Hypermachines: Realtime and Collaborative P2P Search Realtime and Collaborative P2P Search
Icebreaker Gemini centric viewpoint of coding issues and bug tracking
IIDS 2013 Interactive Intelligent Distributed Systems
Implement sound support in the Hurd Add audio capabilities to the multiserver microkernel from GNU
Improve Okular digital signature support Improve open source tooling for digital signatures
Improving Matrix E2E encryption UX 2019 Better usability of E2E encryption
Improving OpenSSH's Authentication and PKI Improving SSH Authentication with OpenPGP transitive trust
IMSI Pseudonymization Better privacy protection for 2G-5G
IN COMMON Public platform to map and act together for the Commons
In-document search Interoperable Rich Text Changes for Search
Independent captions and transcript augmentation Speech-to-text integration for Waasabi
Indigenous Indieweb mobile clients
Internet of Coins Create a decentralized, self-sustaining economy by implementing inter-blockchain connectivity
Interpeer Collaboration infrastructure with near real-time p2p data synchronization
Inventaire Wikidata-based social sharing of reading experiences Search engine for the Interplanetary File System Index DHT based distributed webs
Irdest Llocal P2P mesh discovery of devices and users
IRMA made easy Usability research into attribute based authentication
ISC BIND 9 2001 implementation of DNS protocols with full IPv6 and DNSsec support
iuh-openbsc 2017 An open source implementation of 3G
Jabber/XMMP 2008 Strengthening Trust in Jabber/XMPP Technologies
JavaScript Restrictor Increasing Security and Privacy of JavaScript APIs
JigLibJS 2011 JigLib to JavaScript for use with WebGL
Jingle Nodes Jingle Relay Nodes Specifications and Prototypes
Jitsi 2011 Better and Open Source alternative for Skype
Jitsi (SIP Comm Phone) Internet phone and instant messenger
Jitsi (SIP-Communicator) Desktop 2011 Desktop Streaming and Sharing with SIP Communicator
Jitsi-DNSSEC 2012 DNSSEC for Jitsi (SIP Communicator)
Jitsi-FMJ 2012 Replacing JMF with FMJ
JShelter Cross-browser extension to make javascript less exploitable
Kaidan Adding crypto to userfriendly Cross-platform XMPP client
Karrot Save and share food waste
Katzen Meta-data resistant instant messaging over the Katzenpost mixnet
Katzenpost Observation resistant secure messaging layer
Kazarma Bridge ActivityPub and Matrix realms
Key Management 2019 Key Management
Keyoxide Self-hostable identity proofs with bidirectional linking verification
Kiwi IRC Self-hosted web IRC environment
Kolab-Sync 2012 ActiveSync your Kolab
Koruza 2015
Ksplice 2009 update the Linux kernel without rebooting
Ksplice2 2011 Ksplice for mainline Linux and Fedora
KWin and Wayland input Secure windowing system for KWin
Langsec in Pectore A secure pacemaker created from formal grammars
Lantern 2013 DNSSEC in Lantern
Layer-2-Overlay Generalising the GNUnet Layer-2 Overlay for broader usage
LCC 2002 local content caching system for new search engine architecture
LEAP/Torbirdy 2017 LEAP integration into Torbirdy
lemmur A Lemmy mobile client
Lemmy ActivityPub for link aggregation
Lemmy Lemmy Federation and ActivityPub compliance
Liberaforms Open source form server
librarian Custom meta-search
Libre Silicon compiler Synthesize, place and route hardware description to silicon
Libre-SOC A fully open hardware System-on-a-Chip
Libre-SOC Cavatools: Power ISA Simulator Power ISA Simulator
Libre-SOC Formal Correctness Proofs Mathematical unit tests for open hardware System-on-Chip
Libre-SOC Formal Standards Development Formal Standards for OpenPower extensions from Libre-SoC
Libre-SOC Video Acceleration Optimised video acceleration instructions for Libre RISC-V SoC
Libre-SOC, Coriolis2 ASIC Layout Collaboration Open tooling for ASIC Layout
Libre/OpenCores FuseSoc backend Discovery and use of open hardware gateware through LibreCores and OpenCores
Librecast Live Live streaming with multicast
LibreCellular Open hardware 4G Mobile Network
LibrEDA An integrated development environment for chip design
LibreDocs 2012 LibreDocs
LibreOffice P2P Encrypted collaborative editing in the browser
LibreSilicon Free/open source semiconductor manufacturing process
libresilient Create robust web presence with service workers and DHT
libspng A fast and safe implementation of Portable Network Graphics
Lightmeter Email server configuration lifecycle management
LinkedDataHub Framework to handle Linked Data at scale
LIP6 VLSI Tools Logical validation of ASIC layouts
Lizard E2E Rendez-vous and discovery
LOAP 2006 The DNS: A Life of a Protocol
LogReport 2004 tools for computer/network log file analysis
Lokalize 2009 cross-platform computer-aided translation system
lpnTPM TPM 2.0 compliant open hardware Trusted Platform Module
LTSP Deskop Remote desktop via an LTSP-Cluster
LumoSQL Create more reliable, distributed embedded databases
LumoSQL at-rest data security Modern embedded database with encryption and signed data
Luna A versatile and fast new open-source place and route tool
MaDada Using LinkedData to improve FOI processes
Maemo Leste An independent mobile operating system focused on trustworthiness
Magic Wormhole/SPAKE2 2019 Securely send files between two computers with minimum fuss
Mail::Box 2003 software for e-mail handling in Perl
Mailman-SSLS 2009 openPGP and S/MIME support in mailman
Mailpile Search Integration Personal email search engine
Mangaki Advanced group recommendations
Manyverse An off-line capable privacy-centric social messaging app
MAPS defending Internet e-mail from abuse by spammers
Meemoo 2013 Meemoo: hackable web apps
MEGA65 Phone A phone simple enough to understand in full
MeiliSearch Modern and responsive search
Mepo Lightweight mobile map search
Meshtool 2012 Mesh network toolkit, database and web-based API. A press search engine in your browser Retrieve news feeds and search locally
Minedive P2P search over webRTC
Misskey Misskey federation and ActivityPub compliance
MNT Reform A trustworthy open hardware laptop
mobile-nixos NixOS for mobile phones and tablets
MobileAtlas A distributed open hardware test infrastructure to analyse mobile networks
MoboSearch Providing an alternative view on the Android App ecosystem
Modular CA 2019 Modular infrastructure for building secure internet services
Morphle 2009 free and anonymous powerful but simple to use end-user website editing
Mosaic Trustworthy open hardware design tool for electrical engineers
Movim Add OMEMO encryption to Movim XMPP client
MU-Jingle 2009 jabber-based VoIP protocol
Mynij Portable indexing and search engine for mobile
Naisho Efficiently combine end-to-end encryption with CRDTs
Namecoin 2019 Decentralized, censorship resist Internet infrastructure for e.g. DNS and identities
Namecoin: Core Infrastructure Alternative domain name system
Namecoin: TLS Various TLS integrations for Namecoin
Namecoin: ZeroNet and Packaging Make ZeroNet work with Namecoin
nat64 2010 Implement a NAT64 gateway to run on open-source operating systems
NEFUSI NEFUSI: A novel NEuroFUzzy approach for semantic SImilarity assessment
NeoChat Native Matrix encrypted instant messaging client
NetAidKit 2016 The NetAidKit is a pocket size, USB powered router for safer mobile networking.
NetEventKit 2009 building an open source Network Event Kit
neuropil Privacy by design P2P search including IoT
neuropil DHT based overlay network
Nextcloud Unified and intelligent search within private cloud data
nftables 2015 A modular packet filtering framework providing enhanced userspace control
NILO 2000 reference implementation of PXE-based network boot module
Nitrokey Open hardware for encryption and authentication
Nixcloud 2019 Declarative internet services based on NixOS
Nixcloud Mail Declarative mail server based on NixOS
Nixcloud Webservices Declarative web services based on NixOS
NLnet Labs Independent lab for Internet infrastructure development
node-Tor Implementation of Tor protocols for inside webpages
Nodewatcher 2015 A comprehensive and scalable node management system for community wireless network.
Noise Explorer-VerifPal Automated proofs and code generation for secure protocols
NOMA 2017 Network Operator Measurement Activity
Nominatim Multi-lingual support in address search
NoScript Contextual Policies & LAN protection Application Boundaries Enforcer (ABE) for new generation of browsers
NoScript-Andr 2013 Android Native NoScript
NoScript-Mob 2011 NoScript Mobile
NoScript-Mob2 2011 NoScript Mobile part 2
NoScriptABE 2009 improve the ABE (Application Boundaries Enforcer) for NoScript
Nym Credentials A decentralised solution for authentication
Nyxt A programmable browser with advanced search integration
Nyxt Browser integration of federated, distributed platforms
OCCRP Aleph disambiguation OCCRP Aleph: disambiguating different people and companies
OCS-Asterisk 2008 Open real-time connection between Microsoft OCS and Asterisk
ODF Autotests a framework to help users and developers write test documents for ODF software
ODF-AbiChanges 2011 ODF Track changes in AbiWord
ODF-AbiChanges2 2011 ODF Track changes in AbiWord (2)
ODF-AbiWord improving AbiWord OpenDocument
ODF-changes 2011 Representing Changes in Open Document Format
ODF-changes2 2011 Standardisation for Tracked Changes in ODF
ODF-compare 2011 Creating Tracked Changes in Open Document Format by Document Comparison
ODF-DocMod 2013 Modularise ODF 1.2 documentation
ODF-KOffice 2009 ODF load and save in KOffice
ODF-KOffice2 2010 ODF metadata in KOffice
ODF-KOffice3 2010 ODF revisions in KOffice
ODF-KOffice4 2011 ODF track changes/tables in KOffice and Calligra Suite
ODF-Numbertext 2009 number to text conversion for the upcoming ODF OpenFormula standard
ODF-Recipes 2011 ODF Software Recipes
ODF-Symbian 2009 view ODF on Symbian OS and other mobile systems
ODF-Valid 2013 ODF Online Validator to the command-line
ODF-XLIFF 2009 convert ODF to Gettext PO and XLIFF for translation and localising
OdfKit 2011 base library for processing ODF
odfsvn 2009 use SVN to maintain ODF documents
Off-the-Record messaging version 4 Advanced protocol for secure messaging
Offen Privacy-respecting site analytics
offen Ethical site analytics, controlled by the user
OfficeShots see how different office suites render your ODF document.
Omnom Self-hosted bookmarking and snapshotting with search
OnBaSca Tor Bandwidth Scanner
Online Self-defence in Ten Minutes 2010 Online Self-defense in 10 minutes
Opaque Sphinx Secure password-based authentication with Opaque/Sphinx
Opaque Sphinx Server and Clients Server and tools for modern authentication
Open Hospitality Network Federated hospitality with ActivityPub
Open Know-How Search Search Open Hardware Projects
Open MLS Infrastructure End-to-end encrypted group messaging
Open source ePDG for VoWiFi Enhanced Packet Data Gateway for mobile infrastructure
OpenBTS-HW 2012 OpenBTS hardware
OpenCryptoHW CGRA- based reconfigurable open-source cryptographic IP cores
OpenDoc-Soc 2011 Dutch OpenDoc Society
openEngiadina Platform for creating, publishing and using open local knowledge Make local events and meetups discoverable
openMSRP 2008 openMSRP relay implementation
openMSRP(2) 2008 multi-party Instant Message server based on MSRP
openMSRP(3) 2009 GUI for the open source SIP SIMPLE client
OpenPGP Certificate Authority Managing OpenPGP keys for communities and organisation
OpenStreetMapNL 2009 maintenance software for OpenStreetMap Nederland
oqsprovider Post-quantum/quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms for OpenSSL
OSF Crawler Cooperation Support Infrastructure for Open Search initiatives
OSLD 2013 Open-Source LTE Deployment (OSLD)
OSN-PPCP 2012 Privacy-Preserving Communication Protocol for OSNs
OV-Chipkaart 2011 privacy friendly chip card for public transport
Owncast ActivityPub powered Livecasting
P2Pcollab Decentralised social search and discovery
Packet classification extensions for Netfilter High throughput packet classification of tunneled traffic
Padding Machines for Tor Protect metadata in the Tor onion routing network
Palea 2011 Finding unauthorized routes leaving your network
Parrot 2009 virtual machine for scripting languages
Parselov 2017 Syntactic analysis of documents and protocol messages based on formal descriptions
pcb-rnd Modular printed circuit board editor
Peer-to-Peer Access to Our Software Heritage Access Software Heritage data via IPFS DHT
PeerDB Search for semantic and full-text data
PeerTube A decentralised streaming video platform
Peertube-Desktop Enjoy and share federated videos
Peppol for the masses Hybrid self-hosted e-invoicing with decentralized identities
Personal Food Facts Privacy protecting personalized information about food
PGP4civiCRM Add email encryption to CRM
Pion Network congestion measurement for adaptive real-time applications
Pitchfork 2019 Open hardware for compartmentalizing key material and cryptographic operations
Pitchfork PKCS#11 2019 Contribute to OASIS standardisation PKCS#11 v3
PixelDroid Share and browse photos in the fediverse with a mobile app
Pixelfed 2020 ActivityPub driven decentralised photo sharing platform
Pixelfed Live Live streaming and other Pixelfed enhancements
PKCS#11 v3 2018 Contribute to standardisation of PKCS#11 for cryptographic tokens
Plaudit Make good science discoverable through endorsements
Poliscoops Make political news and online debate accessible
Port of AMDVLK/RADV 3D Driver to the Libre-SOC Adapt Vulkan Drivers to the Libre-SoC
postmarketOS An independent mobile operating system
Practical Decentralised Search and Discovery Search and discovery inside mesh/adhoc networks
Practical Tools to Build the Context Web Declarative setup of P2P collaboration
PRESC Classifier Copies Package Implementing Machine Learning Copies as a Means for Black Box Model Evaluation and Remediation
Pretty Easy Privacy 2019 At scale simulation over GNUnet with different realistic user behavior scenarios
Privacy Enhancements for PowerDNS and DNSdist Make it easier to deploy private DoT/DoH resolvers
Privacy Infrastructure for Corteza Federations Allow users to locate and browse their private data wherever
Privacy Preserving Disease Tracking Research into contact tracing privacy
Private Searx Add private resources to the open source Searx metasearch engine
PrivateRecSys Privacy-Friendly Recommendation System
Proxy App 2010 Proxy appliance to utilize unused bandwidth networks
PSYC2 2015 Next iteration of the Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing
PulseAudio 2011 PulseAudio echo cancellation
Qubes 2017 A reasonably secure operating system
Qubes OS Bring the security of Qubes OS to people with disabilities
RaptorJIT RaptorJIT is a high-performance Lua virtual machine for network dataplanes.
rasn Safe ASN.1 codec framework for Rust
Re-isearch Vectorise text with a flexible unit of retrieval
Real time graph database search engine Live filtering on graph database streams
realXtend 2010 realXtend communications based on Telepathy
Record Federation for Corteza Clouds Data federation over ActivityPub
Redash Predictive text entry without a keyboard
Redwax Standardisation of client side PKI interfaces
Reinstatement of crypto.signText() Cryptographic signatures brought back to the browser
Remote PKCS#11 2019 Remote usage of PKCS#11
Reowolf Rip and replace for BSD socket insecurity
Replicant on Guix Reproducible build infrastructure for Replicant
Reproducible Builds Make the build processes behind software distributions reproducible
RETETRA Security Analysis of Proprietary Cryptography in Terrestrial Trunked Radio
ReX 2003 international exchange of scholars for software projects
RFID Guardian 2009 hardware prototyping of a mobile device for personal RFID security and privacy management.
RFID Guardian(2) 2010 unified platform for RFID security and privacy administration
Ricochet Refresh Anonymous, meta-data free secure messaging
Ripple Safer and faster incremental software builds
RISC-V Phone Open hardware RISC-V Phone
RNP Confium Distributed trust store enabling threshold encryption
Robotnix Reproducible Builds of Android with NIX
Robur private DNS resolver and DHCP server Secure network configuration and DNS resolution
Rocket CWMP Remote governance and configuration for internet equipment
RPKI-RTRlib 2017 RPKI/RTRlib
Rust Threadpool Improve privacy of Rust threading library
Sabayon 2009 creating a fast binary package manager using relational databases
Samizdat 2012 Samizdat makes public key cryptography accessible
SANE System Administration and NEtworking conferences
SASL Works for the InternetWide Architecture Integrate new authentication mechanisms into SASL
SASL XMSS Make SASL work with XMSS protocol
SchoolLan 2006 computer networking as education support for primary schools
SCION-Pathdiscovery Secure and reliable decentralized storage platform
SCION-RAINS RAINS, Another Internet Naming Service (or, a DNS alternative)
SCTP-Linux 2011 A better Linux SCTP
SDR PHY 2019 Create a GSM mobile phone consisting of completely open source software and SDR radio
Seahorse SmartCard 2012 Seahorse Smart Card Support
Search and Displace Find and redact privacy sensitive information
Searsia 2017 Searsia is a protocol and implementation for large scale federated web search.
searx Federating self-hosted search hubs
searx A privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine
Searx 2018 Searx is an internet metasearch engine that can be easily self-hosted by anyone.
SEARXR Virtual reality for web search
Secure User Interfaces (Spritely) Usability of decentralised social media
Securing Decentralised Live Information with m-ld Collaborative editing of LInked Data based on CRDT
Securing NixOS services with systemd
Securing PLCs via embedded protocol adapters Open hardware protocol adapters for industrial automation
SecuShare 2019 A framework for sufficiently safe social interaction
Secushare Box 2019 Operating system extension of Secushare for hardware devices
SeedVault Private backups of mobile applications
SensifAI AI driven image tagging
Sequoia GPG Chameleon Implement well-known API's for using OpenPGP
Sequoia PGP Improve interface of Sequoia PGP commandline
Serval 2011 Mobile communication anywhere.
Serval-LR 2013 SERVAL Long-range WiFi Add-on
Sesame 2006 storage and querying middleware for the Semantic Web
Shadow Internet 2016 An alternative communication infrastructure working phone to phone.
Simmel A wearable contact tracing beacon/scanner
SIP-GUI 2011 Next Phase Graphical User Interface for the SIP SIMPLE client
SIPcollab 2015 Decentralized and secure collaborative editing on office documents
SIPproxy64/6bed4 2012 0cpm, SIPproxy64, 6bed4, applet, freeswitch RTT
SIRS 2002 Scalable Internet Resource Service
SnabbWall 2017 SnabbWall is a layer-7 network flow detector and firewall application.
SocketHUB 2014 A polyglot communication server for the decentralized internet
Software Heritage Collect, preserve and share the source code of all software ever written
Software vulnerability discovery Automating discovery of software update and vulnerabilities
Solid Application Interoperability
Solid Control Access Control mechanism for data and services within Solid
SOLID Data Workers Toolkit to ingest data into SOLID
Solid-NextCloud app Bridge Nextcloud to Solid
Solid-Search Queries in a pod
Sonar: a modular peer-to-peer search engine Modular peer-to-peer search engine
SPEAR 2012 Secure Peer-to-peer Services Overlay Architecture
Spectrum A security through compartmentalization based operating system
SpinalHDL, VexRiscv, SaxonSoc Open Hardware System-on-Chip design framework based on SpinalHDL
Spritely Capability based petname system
Standard Cell Library Open Standard Cell Library with automated dimensioning of transistors
Standardizing KEMTLS Post-quantum TLS without handshake signatures
Storing Efficiently Our Software Heritage Faster retrieval within Software Heritage
Stratosphere IPS 2016 A behavioral-based free software Intrusion Prevention System.
StreetComplete Fix open geodata with OpenStreetMap
StreetComplete Collaborative editing in OpenStreetMap
StreetComplete UX Improve usability of StreetComplete
Structuring the System Layer with Dataspaces Implementing a secure and scalable system layer on mobile
Stubby 2019 A local DNS Privacy stub resolver using DNS-over-TLS
Suhosin-NG Harness PHP 7 applications
Supersizing the Gun Chipwhisperer open hardware for side channel analysis
SWH package manager Data Ingestion Add Package managers to Software Heritage
Swirl 2014 Implementation of PPSPP proposed standard in Erlang
Sylk chat Add instant messaging features to Sylk
Sylk Client Secure multiparty videoconferencing application
Sylk Mobile Secure real-time mobile communications
SylkRTC 2015 SylkRTC
Tantum Search Context-enhanced search driven by
TCP-multipath 2011 Design and empirical evaluation of secure and efficient multipath communication
Telecommunication in HF using the Internet Protocol (IPoHF) High-throughput software-defined wireless telecommunications
The Commons Conservancy Legal infrastructure for public benefit efforts
The Libre-SOC Gigabit Router Native Open Hardware chip implementation of crypto primitives
The Open Green Web Ethical meta-search filter on green hosted websites
The PeARS app Building low-resource Web search applications from cognitive models
The third mainport 2014 Digital Infrastructure in the Netherlands - The Third Mainport
ThinkQuest 2007 educational web contests
Thunderbird - native EteSync integration Add encrypted sync to Thunderbird
Timesheets 2013 Adaptive time-based application development Platform
TimeWalker 2002 tools for visualising huge amounts of log data
Timing-Driven Place-and-Route (TDPR)  Open hardware tool to synthesize digital silicon circuits
TLS-KDH 2019 Combined Kerberos and Diffie-Hellman as an authentication mechanism for TLS
TLS-KDH mbed Implement TLS-KDH into mbed
Tooling to improve security and trust in GNU Guix Contextual software vulnerability discovery
Tor hidden services 2009 Protect publisher and users of the services against identification
Tor low-bandwidth 2009 Tor for modem and mobile users
TOS;DR A user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies
Tracking Exposed Increase transparency behind personalization algorithms
Tracking the Trackers Automated scanning for spyware in mobile applications
Transparency Toolkit A decentralized hosted archiving service with search
Trusted Boot Module 2018 An open hardware trusted boot manager
TrustING Ultrafast AS-level Public-Key Infrastructure
Trustix Make build logs available as publicly verifiable, tamper-proof Merkle trees
Turtle 2007 P2P infrastructure for safe sharing of sensitive data
Tvix Alternative Rust-based software build transparency
TwinSite-2000 international web-competition for secondary schools
TypeCell CRDT-based collaborative block-based editor
Uberflow 2015 An Open-Source OpenFlow Controller Implementing the North-Bound Interface
ULX3M A modular open hardware FPGA platform
UmTRX 2013 UmTRX, cheaper mobile communication
Unhosted 2012 Unhosted, separating data servers from application servers
Unhosted 2015 The Unhosted project enables separation of storage and applications
Universal DID Resolver and Registrar Tooling for decentralized identifiers
URL Frontier Develop a API between web crawler and frontier
Usability of Linux firewall userspace tools Userspace tooling for Linux kernel Netfilter
ValOS Cryptographic Content Security project Cryptographic Content Security for ValOS
variation graph (vgteam) Privacy enhanced search within e.g. genome data sets
VDD project virtual operating system instances on arbitrary terminals
Verified Differential Privacy for Julia Proving sound privacy guarantees through a type system
Verified Reowolf Formal protocol verification with Reowolf
Verifpal Prove soundness of verification in Verifpal
VFRAME: Visual Defense Tools Use computer-vision to shield privacy in video
video box Affordable open hardware video-to-network
Video chat privacy Add privacy features to video chats
ViewerJS 2014 A multiformat document viewer for embedding, combining WebODF.js and PDF.js
VirtNet 2007 network stack virtualization for FreeBSD
Virtualizing device firmware Creating digital twins for auditing and testing appliances
Vita 2019 A fast IPSEC-based VPN gateway
Vita A high performance IPSEC implementation
Waasabi Framework P2P Live Streaming for events
Web Annotation Building blocks for interoperable annotation systems
Web Shell Desktop and security environment for web apps
WebODF 2011 ODF editor in the browser
WebODF-Dissem 2012 WebODF Dissemination
WebXray Discovery Expose tracking mechanism in search hubs
WikiRate Insights Transforming WikiRate ESG Platform User Experience to Maximise Reliable Data Insights
WireGuard Scale up WireGuard
WireGuard 2019 A fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography
Wireguard Take modern network tunnels to the next level
Wireguard Rust Implementation Implementation of WireGuard in a type safe language
Wireguard Windows client Native Wireguard protocol client for Windows
Wishbone Streaming Add Streaming capabilities to Wishbone
Wisper 2007 long distance wifi internet infrastructure
WordPress ActivityPub Bring ActivityPub social networking to the widely used Wordpress
Wormhole 2012 Project Wormhole
WPIA CA Infrastructure 2019 Deployment infrastructure for certificate authorities
x86-64 VM Monitor for seL4 verified microkernel Very restricted virtualized environment for higher security
XMPP-ActivityPub gateway XMPP, ActivityPub and E2EE Pubsub
xqerl Performant (Erlang) implementation of W3C XQuery and XML database
XSSer 2011 Cross Site Scripting testing
XWiki Bring wiki capabilities into the Fediverse
XWiki ActivityPub First class ActivityPub support in XWiki
YaCy Grid SaaS
Yrs Collaborative editing with CRDT written in Rust
YunoHost and the Internet Cube Solutions for DIY-ISP's and self-hosters
Zerocat Chipflasher Flashrom Interface Hardware to flash alternative/libre firmware to BIOS chips
ZSipOs Open hardware for telephony encryption

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