NLnet supports BoF 2016/01/30

Second edition of 'Holland Strikes Back' 2015/10/20

Trusted Networks Initiative continues to grow 2015/04/15

Netherlands' digital infrastructure delivers significant contribution to internet economy 2014/11/20

Launch of the Trusted Networks Initiative 2014/10/28

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Areas of special interest

NLnet funds a large diversity of projects that all somehow improve the internet, at many different levels - from software plumbing quality assuarance to core technical protocols. In areas of specific interest we also do put in additional effort and focus in order to increase the impact of projects even further.

Current theme funds

Real-time communication
There are many separate high-quality techologies and services available for people to communicate across the internet live, but the development is significantly hindered by the fragmentation of the market. NLnet wants to see the internet model applied to unlock the potential of the internet for this crucial human need. more >
Open Document Format
NLnet foundation decided to put its weight behind the Open Document Format, because it is an important enabler for innovation in the area of productivity and security. Open Standards are the only way to retain our documents for the future. more >
Domain name technology is at the core of the way people use the internet. DNSSEC is a core technology for safer internet usage, and the key to new exciting technologies for years to come. more >

We have more excellent projects requesting money that we can afford. If you or your organisation have means to support these activities, let us know. NLnet welcomes your targeted donations of any size to let us help more projects. We have many interesting projects outside of these themes, but we understand that not every project fits with every donor. By supporting a dedicated fund, NLnet guarantees that your money will only go to projects in your specific area of interest. NLnet is a charity established since 1997, with its head office in Amsterdam. NLnet foundation is recognised by the Netherlands tax authorities, and your donations are likely tax deductible. Please contact us for more information.


Send in your ideas. Deadline March 1st, 2016.

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Are you working on applications or standards related to internet telephony, instant messaging, or presence? Check out if you qualify for a grant from the standards in real-time communication fund.

Does your application use DNS? Make sure your users are safe and use DNSSEC. Apply for a grant from the DNS Security Fund.