Trusted Networks Initiative continues to grow 2015/04/15

Netherlands' digital infrastructure delivers significant contribution to internet economy 2014/11/20

Launch of the Trusted Networks Initiative 2014/10/28

NLnet, ISPConnect and DHPA bring together online sector around cyber resilience 2014/09/23

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Current Projects

Listed on this page are programs and projects which are -on this moment- working with NLnet funding.

NLnet has a long term commitment to the following programs:
NLnet Labs - lab for Internet infrastructure development
Other running projects:
Conferences - sponsoring of various conferences
Donations - smaller contributions to various activities
FTEproxy -

FTE enables developers to build systems resistant to surveillance and censorship.

Global Directories - Distributed contact information discovery mechanism
Hackathons - contributions to various hackathons
Koruza - Koruza
nftables -

A modular packet filtering framework providing enhanced userspace control

Nodewatcher - A comprehensive and scalable node management system for community wireless network.
OpenBTS-HW - OpenBTS hardware
OSLD - Open-Source LTE Deployment (OSLD)

Next iteration of the Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing

SecureShare -

A framework for sufficiently safe social interaction.

Serval-LR - SERVAL Long-range WiFi Add-on
SIPcollab - Decentralized and secure collaborative editing on office documents
SIPproxy64/6bed4 - 0cpm, SIPproxy64, 6bed4, applet, freeswitch RTT
SocketHUB -

A polyglot communication server for the decentralized internet

Swirl - Implementation of PPSPP proposed standard in Erlang
Uberflow - An Open-Source OpenFlow Controller Implementing the North-Bound Interface
UmTRX - UmTRX, cheaper mobile communication
Unhosted - The Unhosted project enables separation of storage and applications
ViewerJS - A multiformat document viewer for embedding, combining WebODF.js and PDF.js


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NLnet Projects