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Current projects

On this page you find an overview of recent projects which have either been recently completed or are — at this moment — working with NLnet funding. For a complete overview please check the overview of all projects, or use the thematic index to look up projects based on thematic funds and specific themes. Click on the name of the project to find out more about it.

project description
0KNOW Group Theoretic Zero-knowledge Proofs (0KNOW)
AI Horde Collaborative infrastructure for running generative AI models
ARMify Auto-Identification of MCU Models to Simplify ARM Bare-Metal Reverse Engineering
AVantGaRDe Reliable Foundations of Local-first Graph Databases
ActivityPods Framework for fully-decentralized social apps, combining ActivityPub and Solid Pods
Agorakit Groupware which is a friendly online home to communities
AlekSIS All-libre extensible kit for school information systems
Alive2 Translation validation for LLVM
Apicula IO primitives Add additional IO primitives to libre Gowin FPGA tools
Perspectives: Making Models Generate software from open models for human interaction patterns
Arcan-A12 Explorative p2p protocol for fast and secure remote desktops
Arcan-A12 Directory Server side scripting API for Arcan's directory server
Arcan-A12 Tools A12 clients for different platforms and devices such as drawing tablets
Ari Purely functional programming language designed to "type" binary files
Armbian Versatile OS for ARM-based single board computers
Atomic Tables Self-hostable tabular structured data solution
Authenticated DNSSEC bootstrapping Secure in-band announcements of DNSSEC parameters
Heads-OpenPGP OpenPGP Authenticated Heads and long-time awaited security improvements
Automated clearing of source code files More efficient retrieval of security and license compliance contextual information
Automerge Add Merkle Search Tree support to Automerge
BB3-CM4 CM4 compatible MCU board
Interpretation feature for Big Blue Button Adding translator streams for live interpretation to BBB conference software
BIDS: Binary Identification of Dependencies with Search Identify known open source elements present in binaries
Back to source: trust but verify all the packages Analysis pipeline for mapping and cross-referencing binaries with source code
Back2Source next Better matching of binaries with source code
Balthazar Casing Open hardware laptop
Bana Personal network oriented ActivityPub powered social networking
Blink Qt Messaging Add modern encryption to SIP softphone
Blink for Windows Modern cross-platform SIP client
BlockNote An modern, open source Block-based editor
Bonfire federated groups Create, join and manage federated groups across instances
Bonfire Framework Elixir-based ActivityPub implementation and library with groups and RBAC
BrailleRAP Low-cost open hardware for creating Braille content
Tracing and rebuilding packages Improved metadata/provenance for build artifacts
CAKE-MAINT Improve network queue management algorithms on Linux
CNSPRCY E2EE connections between trusted devices
CRAVEX Cyber Resilience Application for Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange
Converged Security Suite +AMD Add AMD support to Converged Security Suite
Canaille Zero-knowledge opinionated OpenID Connect (OIDC) server.
Canarytail Warrant canary standardization and automation
Castopod Plugins Add plugins to the Castopod podcast server
Libre-SOC Cavatools: Power ISA Simulator Power ISA Simulator
Certbot ECDSA support
Charon Privacy-enabling account management and SSO solution
LibrEDA An integrated development environment for chip design
Choreographic Programming: From Theory To Practice Generating a standard library of core distributed algorithms with formal proofs
Anchorboot Pre-built UEFI replacement firmware for ARM-based ChromeOS devices using coreboot/U-Boot
Cloud hosting service portability Service portability for cloud hosting platforms
Coko Docs A modern, open source replacement for Google Docs and Drive
CokoDocs Add ODF, legacy office and PDF capabilities to CokoDocs
Coloquinte High performance placement of cells inside digital electronic circuitry
Commune User-friendly persistent chat/voice rooms
COCOLIGHT Lightweight version of Communecter
Libre-SOC, Coriolis2 ASIC Layout Collaboration Open tooling for ASIC Layout
ArtistHub Allow creative artists to gain visibility and build reputation on the web
CryptPad Auth Implement external identity mechanisms to E2EE collaborative editor
CryptPad Blueprints Server-side encrypted collaborative editor
CryptPad Quality Test Suite Continuous testing of critical CryptPad functionality
CryptPad WCAG Accessibility improvements to CryptPad suite
CryptPad Auth Improvements Better user management, 2FA and SSO for CryptPad
DANCE4All Implement DANCE specification in GnuTLS and MbedTLS
DAVx⁵ Share Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes & Journals
Securing Internet protocols with DIDs Bridge Decentralized Identifiers with standardised authorisation mechanisms
DMT Implementation of MOSFET Parameter Extraction Flow for Sky130 into DMT
DNSvizor Privacy-enhanced DNS resolver and DHCP server
DUT Control Unified Control Interface for Firmware Security Tests
DATALISP Universal data interchange format using canonical S-expressions
Delta Tauri DeltaChat implemented in Tauri
DeltaTouch DeltaChat on UBports mobile phones
DeviceCode Structured technical information about consumer devices
Diesel Safe and performant query builder and ORM written in Rust
Distributed GNU Shepherd A Secure Distributed System Layer for Networked Cluster Computing
Dokieli Decentralised article publishing, annotations & social interactions
Dolphin authorisation Avoid privilege escalation in the Dolphin file manager
Draupnir Moderation bot for Matrix servers
dream2nix Automate reproducible packaging for various language ecosystems
Python supply-chain with dream2nix  Towards a secure, extensible & reproducible Python supply-chain with dream2nix
EDeA Repeatable, automated measurement data capture
EEZ flow for EEZ Studio Open Hardware Test & Measurement equipment
ELF tools in Rust Porting patchelf and install_name_tool to a flexible Rust crate
ELF Linking Analytic tools for UNIX' Executable and Linkable Format
Encoding for Robust Immutable Storage (ERIS) Encrypted and content-addressable data blocks
Open source ESP32 802.11 MAC Open source wifi drivers for ESP32
Elm Matrix SDK Better moderation for Matrix rooms and servers
Email <=> XMPP gateway Bridge instant messaging with email
Etebase - protocol and encryption enhancements Redesign EteSync protocol and encryption scheme
Ethersync Real-time co-editing of local text files
EventFahrplan Conference schedule app with strong offline capabilities
Exter Proxy-based external browser extensions
Friendly Forge Format (F3) Proposed Standard for secure communication between software forges
FABulous Demo SoC SoC with open source FPGA based on FABulous
FPGA-ISP-UVM-USB2 Open hardware FPGA-based USB webcam
FPGA Fault Injection Testing Better testing towards preventing fault injection in FPGA's
Faircamp 1.0 Self-hostable, maintenance-free websites for audio producers
FastWave Modern waveform VCD parser
Feather UI Declarative cross-platform UI toolkit
Federated software forges with Forgejo Add ActivityPub based federation to Forgejo
Software metadata Decentralized, federated metadata about software applications
Federated Task-Tracking with Live Data Track tasks and issues in a federated way
FediMod Tooling for Fediverse moderation
Integrating Fediverse into Public Administration, EU Voice-Video case study
Trust and Safety providers for the Fediverse Sharing moderation and compliance mechanisms between ActivityPub-based networks
Fediverse Test Suite Interoperability effort for W3C ActivityPub
Fidus Writer Real-time collaborative web-based online editor for academia
Flarum Add federation and much more to the extensible forum software Flarum.
Flashkeeper Write Protection on SOIC-8 flash chips without soldering
Fleetbase on Solid: A production-ready supply chain solution Federated open source supply chain solution using Solid
ForgeFed Federating software forges with ActivityPub
ForgeFlux Software Forge independent federation with ActivityPub and F3
Forgejo An open source software forge with a focus on federation
Native IFC for FreeCAD ISO-compliant Building Information Modeling in FreeCAD
Fix the Pitch Black Attack in Freenet routing A decentralized distributed platform for private communication
Data packages Specification + improved tooling for external data set descriptions
Funkwhale ActivityPub-driven audio streaming and sharing
Funkwhale ActivityPub-driven audio streaming and sharing
GNS Migration and Zone Management Registrar tools for adoption of GNU Name System
RISC-V bootstrapping effort via GNU Mes Allow bootstrapping Guix on RISC-V via GNU Mes
GNU Mes Tower GNU Mes with alternative scheme implementations and WASM
GNU Taler KYC Know-Your-Customer support for GNU Taler
GNUnet CONG Modernise the network stack of GNUnet
GNUnet Messenger API API for decentralized instant messaging using CADET
GPGPU Playground A virtual GPU to learn GPU programming
Gancio Shared agenda for local communities that supports Activity Pub
Gash Port Gash to GNU Mes for auditable bootstrap
Collection of Verified multi-platform Gatewares Comprehensive repository of open source gateware designs
Genealogos Nix to SBOM generator targeting the CycloneDX format
Verilog-AMS in Gnucap (cont'd) Analog/Mixed modelling and simulation in Gnucap
GoToSocial Lightweight ActivityPub social network server
GoToSocial Improvements to ActivityPub server written in Go
Gorgon CI Continuous integration testing for PRs against software dependencies
Gosling Generic Onions Services Library Project
Guix Peer-to-Peer substitutes
Porting Guix to Riscv64 Port Guix software collection to Riscv64 architecture
Guix-Daemon Transition to a Guile implementation of the guix-daemon
Haphaestus Lightweight JavaScript-free browser engine written in Haskell
Open Hardware Manuals Automatically generate user-friendly documentation for open hardware elements
OCap layer for Haskell actor library Implement OCapN and Syndicate in Haskell's troupe
SCE, DelTiC and Antler High-Fidelity Congestion Control
Holo Routing A novel routing stack in Rust, including IS-IS routing
Hyper Hyper Space Cryptographically secure append-only distributed data layer
IC workspace Open Source IC Design Management Tool
IPDL Equational Proofs for Distributed Cryptographic Protocols
IPDL II A new process logic aimed at formal proofs for cryptographic algorithm
Telecommunication in HF using the Internet Protocol (IPoHF) High-throughput software-defined wireless telecommunications
IPv6-monostack - upstream Linux SIIT/NAT64 Commoditizing NAT64 and IP/ICMP translation to accelerate IPv6 deployment
Icestudio Visual developer tool for development of FPGAs
Icosa Gallery Open, decentralised platform for 3D assets
Inko Programming language with deterministic automatic memory management
Inochi2D Open source 2D animation/puppeteering framework
Interpeer SDKs Secure and efficient peer-to-peer networking stack
Inventaire Self-hosted Self-hosted book inventories that share the wikidata-powered bibliographic database
IotECC Lightweight Elliptic Curve Cryptography for small chips
Irdest - OpenWRT Image and Bluetooth LE Add Bluetooth LE connections to Irdest
Irdest spec, db, route scoring Route scoring and other routing improvements for Irdest meshnets
Threat intelligence sharing Privacy-Preserving Sharing of Threat Intelligence in Trusted Adversarial Environments
IronCalc Embeddable spreadsheet engine written in Rust
JSON-Joy Peritext Rich-text CRDT implementations for json-joy CRDT
JShelter Cross-browser extension to make javascript less exploitable
JShelter Manifest V3 Make JShelter compatible with Manifest V3
JellyfishOPP Open Hardware device for power profiling
K-Gen From datasets in DCAT catalogs to knowledge graphs
KDE Connect KDE Connect discovery and transport protocol improvements
KDE Plasma Wayland Accessibility and advanced graphics input support for KDE Plasma Wayland
Knowledge Graph Portal Generator Automatically generate custom web interfaces for structured data
Kaidan Auth + portability Account portability and Client/Server Authentication for the Kaidan XMPP client
Kaidan Encrypted A/V calls, group chat messaging
Kaidan Media sharing and improved contacts for Kaidan XMPP
Improving and extending Kaitai Struct Rust parsing for binary analysis tool Kaitai Struct
Kami Choreography programming language integrated with the Rust ecosystem
Karrot Location-aware community self-organisation
Katzen Metadata Minimizing Messsenger Privacy preserving instant messaging using a modern mixnet
Kazarma Bridge ActivityPub and Matrix realms
Kazarma Release Bridge between ActivityPub and Matrix protocol
Kbin ActivityPub based link sharing and microblogging
/kbin Mobile app and feature additions to /kbin
Keyoxide Mobile Mobile client for identity magement tool Keyoxide
Keyoxide v2 Add cryptographic signature based to Keyoxide
KiCad Professional open source electronics design application
KiCad-IPC Add RPC API, multichannel designs and schematic variant system to FOSS EDA suite
KiKit Tooling for automation of production of PCB designed in KiCAD
Wireguard-1GE FPGA Implement Wireguard in Verilog
Improve Email Encryption in KMail Adopt improvements in Email Encryption in KMail
Krill High Availability Making Krill RPKI daemon deployment more robust
LibreOffice/Collabora Online typography Add interoperability and state-of-the-art web typography to LibreOffice/Collabora Online line break
LabPlot Scientific and engineering data analysis and visualisation
Lemmy private communities Add private communities to Lemmy federated link aggregator
Lemmy Scale ActivityPub-powered social link aggregation and discussion
Lemmy Federation Lemmy Federation and ActivityPub compliance
Let's Connect! Client-Server to P2P Add P2P features to Let's Connect!
Letswifi/Geteduroam Make federated wifi access provisioning safer and more convenient
LiberaForms End tot End Encrypted Forms
Audio/Video Calls in Libervia Encrypted Audio/Video Calls in multi-frontend XMPP client
Libre-SOC A fully open hardware System-on-a-Chip
Libre-SOC HPC Work on High Performance Compute capabilities for Libre-SOC
Libre-SOC OpenPOWER ISA WG Steward ISA extension proposals through OpenPOWER External RFC Process
IndieHosters System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)
Librecast E2E encrypted multicast
LibreCellular FOSS technology stack for 4G networks
LibreOffice CRDT Real-time collaboration between several, distributed LibreOffice instances
LibreQoS Improve congestion control for wifi networks
The Libre-SOC Gigabit Router Native Open Hardware chip implementation of crypto primitives
Port of AMDVLK/RADV 3D Driver to the Libre-SOC Adapt Vulkan Drivers to the Libre-SoC
Libre-SOC Formal Correctness Proofs Mathematical unit tests for open hardware System-on-Chip
Libre-SOC Formal Standards Development Formal Standards for OpenPower extensions from Libre-SoC
Libre-SOC Video Acceleration Optimised video acceleration instructions for Libre RISC-V SoC
Liminix Nix-based OS for domestic WiFi routers, access points etc
Usability of Linux firewall userspace tools Userspace tooling for Linux kernel Netfilter
LiteX Developer framework for FPGA and ASIC designs
LANShield Constrain local network access for mobile devices
LumoSQL at-rest data security Modern embedded database with encryption and signed data
Luna PnR A versatile and fast new open-source place and route tool
LunaPnR Phase 2 A versatile and fast new open-source place and route tool
Mainstreaming Anonymity for Developers (MAD) Add Onion Services to interactive internet applications
MEGA65 Phone Modular MVP OSHW mobile device with form-factor of hand-held game consoles
MNT Reform Next New iteration of the MNT open hardware laptop
Improving the deployability of Multipath TCP Improve MPTCP support in the Linux kernel
The MacBook Liberation Project Implement Coreboot support to various Apple devices
Machdyne Modular open compute hardware
Maemo Leste An independent mobile operating system focused on trustworthiness
Maemo Leste Telepathy Modernise open source real-time communications stack
MailBox renewal Performance upgrade of MailBox mail modules
Mailpile 2 (moggie) Building a secure, modern e-mail client for self-hosting
Makatea An x86, 64-bit Virtual Machine Monitor for the seL4, verified microkernel
Manas Rust modules for Solid clients and servers
Manyverse Private Groups Implement SSB Private Groups in Manyverse
MapComplete Thematics OpenStreetMap-viewer and editor.
Catalogs in MariaDB Enable true multi-tenacy in the MariaDB database
Mastodon - groups, filtering, moderation Group support with ActivityPub
ActivityPub Quote Posts Quote Posts in ActivityPub and Mastodon
Improving Matrix E2E encryption UX Better usability of E2E encryption
Mellium Add OMEMO support to XMPP library
Practical Decentralised Search and Discovery Search and discovery inside mesh/adhoc networks
Modular Reusable decentralised meta-search engine
MinetestEdu Education platform centered around 3D/cube world Minetest
Miru Multi-track video editing and real-time AR effects
Misskey Misskey federation and ActivityPub compliance
MobileAtlas A distributed open hardware test infrastructure to analyse mobile networks
MobileAtlas Taking roaming measurements to the next levelMobileAtlas
postmarketOS/phosh-mobile-settings integration Consolidate functionality of FOSS mobile settings applications
Mobilizon UX Share events on the fediverse
Mobroute A minimalist FOSS public-transportation router/tool suite
Caster Open-hardware high-refresh-rate electrophoretic display controller
Monal IM UI Modern UI for XMPP on iOS and macOS
Movedata Privacy-preserving, energy efficient data replication and verification
Movim Add end-to-end encrypted videocalls to Movim XMPP
Mox Modern full-featured open source secure mail server
SecSync Efficiently combine end-to-end encryption with CRDTs
Naja EDA tool focused on post logic synthesis
Naja DNL Add Dissolved and Batch Netlists to Naja EDA
Namecoin: Electrum-NMC Security hardening and futureproofing Namecoin and Electrum-NMC
Namecoin: ZeroNet and Packaging Make ZeroNet work with Namecoin
NeoChat Native Matrix encrypted instant messaging client
Packet classification extensions for Netfilter High throughput packet classification of tunneled traffic
neuropil DHT based overlay network
NextGraph Interlinked data graphs, with privacy, security, data locality, and interoperability in mind
Nitrokey 3 PIV/FIPS 201-3 and extended hardware support for Trussed/Nitrokey
Nitter Alternative privacy-preserving FOSS UI for Twitter
Type Inference for Nix Adding static typing and type inference to Nix
NixBox Nix integration with netbox
Debug Adapter with Nix Implement the Debug Adaptor Protocol for Nix
Securing NixOS services with systemd
UEFI Secure Boot support for NixOS Add a self-sovereign root of trust as part of supply chain security
NoScript Contextual Policies & LAN protection Application Boundaries Enforcer (ABE) for new generation of browsers
NodeBB ActivityPub support and accessibility improvements for forum software
Nyxt Webextensions Independent implementation of WebExtensions
O-ESD: Open-hardware for ElectroStatic Discharge testing Open-hardware for ElectroStatic Discharge testing
OVT 13 Open Hardware laptop
OWASP dep-scan Security and risk audit tool
owi Symbolic evaluator and fuzzing of WASM software
Oils for Unix Bringing shell environments into the 21st century
Oku A browser and encrypted data vault based on IPFS
Omnom Add social layer to personal bookmarking
OpenCarLink Security tooling for vehicle ODB2 ports
Open Cloud Mesh Improved specs and test suite for Open Cloud Mesh protocol
OpenCryptoHW CGRA- based reconfigurable open-source cryptographic IP cores
OpenCryptoLinux Make Linux run on OpenCryptoHW
OpenCryptoTester System-on-Chip for hardware/software testing
DRTM implementation for AMD processors Unified framework for dynamic RTM
Open Energy Profiler Toolset Modular open hardware Energy Profiling
OpenHarbors Dynamic Tunneling of WPA over IP/L2TP Make local events and meetups discoverable
OpenQRNG Open source, certified Quantum Random Number Generator
Open Web Calendar Stack Aggregate public and private web calendars
Openfire IPv6 support Add IPv6 support to the Openfire XMPP server
Ordie Designing a SoC for Betrusted
Organic Maps Privacy-focused Android & iOS offline maps application
GPRS/EGPRS support in Osmocom CNI for Ericsson RBS
Open source ePDG for VoWiFi Enhanced Packet Data Gateway for mobile infrastructure
Overte Virtual reality based social platform
p2panda p2p protocol and event-driven data store
p2panda: group encryption and capabilities Add group encryption and capabilities to peer-to-peer SDK
PGP4civiCRM Add email encryption to CRM
Securing PLCs via embedded protocol adapters Open hardware protocol adapters for industrial automation
Post-Quantum Crypto in DNSSEC Experimental platform for DNSSEC with post-quantum cryptography
PTP gateware with openXC7 PTP on FPGA timing cards and SDR cards with openXC7
PTT Unikernel Mailing list server in OCAML
Passthrough Authentication Authentication proxy using Kerberos and SPNEGO
PeerDB Search Search for semantic and full-text data
Popularizing PeerTube Decentralised video platform powered by ActivityPub
Peertube plugin livechat Integrated chat for Peertube live streams
Manyfold Manage private collections of 3D models
Pijul ecosystem A modern patch-based version control system
Pimalaya Open source personal information management
Pion Network congestion measurement for adaptive real-time applications
PixelDroid/Media editor Native PixelFed/ActivityPub image sharing app
Pixelfed Open source, federated photo sharing platform using ActivityPub
Pleroma Scalable ActivityPub server written in Elixir
Poliscoops Make political news and online debate accessible
Pre-Scheme Compile Scheme directly to portable C
pretalx Open source tooling for events and conferences
Probabilistic NAT Traversal Last resort ad hoc connections for GNUnet
Prosody IM Implement SASL authentication mechanism for XMPP
Protomaps Self-hostable maps based on OpenStreetMap data
ProveThis Prove statements about authenticated API resources
Py2HWSW A tool to manage embedded HW/SW project
Pythonic Slint Add a full-blown Python API to Slint
Proper Webcam support in Qemu Better virtualisation of camera interfaces
R5N-DHT Formalisation within IETF of R5N Distributed Hash Table design
RA-Sentinel FPGA-based Radio Receiver for securing Wifi against hacking attacks
RADIUSdesk Multi WAN Add Multiwan to RADIUSdesk
RAIJIN Open Hardware brain measurements with near-infrared spectroscopy
RETETRA3 Security research into TETRA standard
Fast RSA + PQ Blind Signatures Fast multiprecision integers for blind RSA and Post-Quantum signatures
Python bindings to the rattler library
ReOxide Improving Rust Decompilation
Redox Flow Battery Development Kit for Open-Source Hardware Redox Flow Battery
Redox OS Unix-style Signals Add Unix-style signal handling to Redox Operating System
Renderling Real-time rendering library on top of WebGPU
Replicant on Pinephone 1.2 Add basic support for the Pinephone 1.2 to Replicant
Finish porting Replicant to newer Android version Alternative, free software version of Android
Reproducible F-Droid Building a trusted app ecosystem with F-Droid
Reproducible-openSUSE Reproducible distribution of openSUSE rolling release
Ricochet Refresh Anonymous, meta-data free secure messaging
pcb-rnd, sch-rnd Open source EDA suite
Rosenpass Post Quantum Security Add-On for WireGuard
Rosenpass API Improved API's and platform coverage for Rosenpass
Rotonda Secure Extensions Implement BGPSec in Rust and integrate into Rotonda
SCION-enabled IPFS and libp2p Enhancing IPFS Performance and Resilience through SCION's Path-Aware Networking
Geographic tagging of Routing and Forwarding Geographic tagging and discovery of Internet Routing and Forwarding
WWW SCION Path-aware web server/proxy deployment and browsing
SIP RELOAD REsource LOcation And Discovery, a peer-to-peer (P2P) signaling protocol
Cell broadcast support for the Linux Mobile Stack Implement SMS-CB for emergency messages on Linux
Software Heritage listers + tooling Performance improvements and new listers/tooling for Software Heritage
SeedVault Integrity Add integrity checking and WebDAV support to SeedVault Android backups
SelfPrivacy Reproducible self-hosting stack based on NixOS
SensifAI AI driven image tagging
#Seppo! Portable ActivityPub implementation
A Secret Key Store for Sequoia PGP Standards-compliant private key store for OpenPGP
Sequoia PGP Improve interface of Sequoia PGP commandline
Sequoia GPG Chameleon Implement well-known API's for using OpenPGP
Servo CSS CSS feature parity for Servo browser engine
Servo Developer Experience Improvements Improve productivity for Servo developers
Multi browsing context support in Servo Allow Servo browser engine to render beyond atomic pages
SiCl4 Tool for interactive reverse engineering of digital logic.
Signature PDF Self-hosted tool to add signature to PDFs
SignRoom Zenroom based signature and credential platform
Silicon verification Non-destructive, in-situ inspection of physical chips
Slint port for Android Port the Rust-based Slint UI toolkit to Android
smoltcp RPL Implement Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy networks
Peer-to-Peer Access to Our Software Heritage Access Software Heritage data via IPFS DHT
Solid NC 2024 Add more Solid capabilities to Nextcloud
Solid Compound A software library/framework to simplify designing for W3C Solid
Solid Data Modules Improve data accessibility and prevent data corruption in Solid Pods
Solid Usable App Tools Project Improve developer experience for W3C Solid
Solid Wallet Authorization reasoning, rule-based controls and fluid integration for Solid
Sonar: a modular peer-to-peer search engine Modular peer-to-peer search engine
Dual-level Specification Inference Make formal verification more practical with dual-level Specification Inference
Spectrum Applications Add running graphical applications to the compartmentalized desktop OS Spectrum
Secure User Interfaces (Spritely) Usability of decentralised social media
Squishy SCSI multi tool and gateware library
Transitioning SMM Ownership to Linuxboot More robust defense Against Firmware Vulnerabilities
Standards Grammar Catalog/Toolchain Open Standards Grammar Catalog/Toolchain
Stencila v2 for ERA and EPP Add editable, runnable code to scientific publications
Stract Explorative search engine
StreetComplete/AllThePlaces Ingest data from AllThePlaces into StreetComplete
Structured Email for Roundcube Add metadata awareness to open source email
Sustainable web apps with m-ld Empower users and developers with distributed interlinked data using local-first principles
TISG trustable image sensor gateware FPGA based camera providing encrypted video streams
Client Proof-of-Work in TLS Mitigation against DoS amplification on the TLS handshake
TOS;DR OTA backend Integrate Terms of Service;Didn't Read with Open Terms Archive
TSCH-rs Time Slotted Channel Hopping implement in Rust
Great Black Swamp Decentralized cloud storage with provider-independent security
GNU Taler wallet app for iOS Mobile GNU Taler payments for portable Apple devices
Tasteweb Develop new web of trust mechanisms
Tau Remote sharing of terminal sessions
TerosHDL Assisting hardware developers to deliver safer designs
TerosHDL: OSS, GHDL, NVC IDE with support for Open SYthesis Suite and GHDL/NVC simulators
Threshold OPRFs Bringing the power of Threshold OPRFs to the people
Topola Topological (rubberband) router for printed circuit boards
Tracking weasel Detect privacy violations in mobile apps
TrenchBoot as Anti Evil Maid - UEFI boot mode support Add UEFI to the Qubes integration of Trenchboot with AEM
TrenchBoot for AMD platform in Linux kernel Upstream TrenchBoot AMD support to the Linux kernel
Trust semantic learning and monitoring Measure on-going trust between interacting agents
Trustix Make build logs available as publicly verifiable, tamper-proof Merkle trees
Tvix Alternative Rust-based software build transparency
Tvix-{Store/Build} Improve store and builder component of Tvix
TwPM Open hardware implementation of Trusted Platform Module
UEFI isolation in VM from non UEFI firmware Safer booting into UEFI-compliant operating system
UEFI Capsule Update for coreboot with EDK II Implement more robust firmware updates in coreboot
ULX4M A modular open hardware FPGA platform
UberDDR3 Open Hardware DDR3 memory controller
Reverse Engineering Toolkit Reducing e-waste through Reverse Engineering
UnifiedPush Decentralized and open-source push notification protocol
LIP6 VLSI Tools Logical validation of ASIC layouts
Toward a Fully-Verified SCION Router Formal verification of the reference open source SCION Router
Servo improvements for Tauri Verso offscreen + multiview
Next Generation Browser Profile Workflow A profile system for the Verso browser
VexiiRiscv Next generation of the VexRiscv in-order FPGA softcore
Vouivre A dependent type system for machine learning in Lisp
Vula Encrypted ad hoc local-area networking
Enhancing vula with IPv6 and REUNION rendezvous IPv6, hybrid post-quantum improvements & REUNION support for Vula
Free Software Vulnerability Database A resource to aggregate software updates
Enhance the vulnerability database Enhance the VulnerableCode vulnerability database
WPE Android Embedded-friendly Webview based on WebKit
Wayland input method support Better specification for Wayland input methods
Improving WebKit on Windows Improve Windows support for the WebKit browser engine
webxdc PUSH Towards an usable, interoperable and trustworthy web app ecosystem
WebXDC XMPP Standardisation effort for WebXDC integration in XMPP
Webxdc evolve Comparative analysis of HTML5 app containers
Whippet A new local maximum in safe, managed memory
Whisperfish Cross-platform mobile client for Signal and derivatives
Willow Sync General Sync Protocol for Willow written in Rust
Winden/Magic Wormhole dilation Improving Magic-Wormhole by implementing dilation and multiple file support for the web
WireGuard on FPGA FPGA implementation of Wireguard protocol written in SpinalHDL
Wispwot Implement generalized scalable protection against disruptive behavior in content discovery
Wolvic User Interface Flexible windows, tabs, zooming and web rendering in Wolvic
Event Federation Plugin for WordPress Add ActivityPub to events created with most common WordPress event plugins
MLS for XMPP Add Message Layer Security to XMPP
XMPP Interoperability and Protocol Standard Conformance Testing Development of an XMPP Test Suite
XR Fragments Discover, reference, navigate and query 3D online content
Yrs Undo Rust-based CRDT framework for real-time multi-user applications
Yrs weak links More efficient CRDT by interconnecting and synchronising data structures inside documents
Zero-allocation web servers in roc Web server framework with constant memory usage
ZeroPhone Next Hackable open hardware mobile phone
Zilch Tools for efficient granular builds and introspection
ARPA2 Working towards a decentralised global internet that offers security and privacy by design.
bcachefs Next generation file system
bluetuith Bluetooth connection/device manager for the terminal
Cpdf Accessibility Implement PDF/UA in cpdf Creative tool for graphics and 3D content
Elliptic curve encryption speed-up using SIMD Low-level instructin optimisation for curve25519-dalek & Arkworks
Democratic SendComm Easy to use connected open hardware device
Distributed Mechanism Learning Privacy preserving ways of distributed data usage
django-allauth Versatile authentication for Django
Donations smaller contributions to various activities
dweb-search Index DHT based distributed webs
eduVPN multi-protocol Review of the eduVPN multi-protocol project.
eduVPN Making secure VPN network technology available to everyone - Resilient, distributed content sharing Resilient, human-centered, distributed content sharing and discovery.
Explain Direct Providing effective and efficient access paradigms for open educational material
f8 Modern 8-bit instruction set
Fashion Freedom Supporting research, development, and education to bring the fashion industry into the 21st century
FileSender FileSender is a secure and private way to share large files with anyone.
foaHandler Reverse engineer the OpenAccess file format
Global Directories Distributed contact information discovery mechanism
Hackathons contributions to various hackathons
imap-codec library Release version 1.0 of the imap-codec library
Internet of Coins Create a decentralized, self-sustaining economy by implementing inter-blockchain connectivity
it Radically decentralised version control with CRDTs
iuh-openbsc An open source implementation of 3G
jaq Implementation of jq in Rust with formal semantics
lib1305 Microlibrary for Poly1305 hashing
lib25519 for ARM Add 64bit ARM optimisations to lib25519
libnix Native Nix on MS Windows
libresilient Create robust web presence with service workers and DHT
libspng A fast and safe implementation of Portable Network Graphics
libspng APNG Add Animated PNG (APNG) image read- and write support to libspng
libvips Add animated PNG and enhanced JPEG XL support to libvips
Securing Decentralised Live Information with m-ld Collaborative editing of LInked Data based on CRDT
mCaptcha Privacy-friendly Proof of Work (PoW) based CAPTCHA system
mikroPhone Open Hardware feature phone
mitmproxy HTTP/3 Support and OS Proxy Mode for intercepting local proxy
nextpnr for GW-5 Add support to nextpnr for Gowin GW-5 FPGA family
nextpnr_large New place and route algorithms for large FPGAs
Improvements for the next generation firewalling tool in Linux Netfilter kernel improvements, user space tools and testing
Nixcloud Mail Declarative mail server based on NixOS
Nixcloud Webservices Declarative web services based on NixOS
Strengthening NTP and NTS in ntpd-rs Memory-safe implementation of IETF time standards including NTPv5 and NTS
openCologne CM4 form factor SoM for GateMate chips
openXC7 Improve hardware support for open source FPGA tooling
S-SATA for openXC7 Open source SATA phy and interface for FPGA's
p3pch4t Decentralized chat platform built on i2p
p4-nix Combine Programming Protocol-independent Packet Processors language with declarative Nix packaging
PKCS#11 v3 Contribute to standardisation of PKCS#11 for cryptographic tokens
postmarketOS daemons Add modern service daemons to postmarketOS
Support for OpenPGP v6 in rPGP Implement draft-ietf-openpgp-crypto-refresh in rPGP
RaptorJIT RaptorJIT is a high-performance Lua virtual machine for network dataplanes.
scalePNR New place and route algorithms for large FPGAs
SDR PHY Create a GSM mobile phone consisting of completely open source software and SDR radio
x86-64 VM Monitor for seL4 verified microkernel Very restricted virtualized environment for higher security
SecuShare A framework for sufficiently safe social interaction
Serval-LR SERVAL Long-range WiFi Add-on
Σ-protocols Formalise and implement zero-knowledge proof Σ-protocol
Magic Wormhole/SPAKE2 Securely send files between two computers with minimum fuss
TOS;DR A user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies
Tracking Exposed Increase transparency behind personalization algorithms
Trusted Boot Module An open hardware trusted boot manager
tslib Better configuration and callibration of touchscreen devices
uFork A memory-safe pure-actor virtual machine
uFork/FPGA A memory-safe pure-actor processor soft-core
uMap Collaborative custom mapping with OpenStreetMap data
vdirsyncer Synchronise calendars and contacts
vm-builder Virtual Machine Build, Life Cycle and Integration in monolithic and microkernel platforms
xrsh Interactive text/OS terminal inside WebXR

NLnet Foundation currently supports the following projects with in-kind contributions:
The Commons Conservancy Legal infrastructure for public benefit efforts
NLnet Labs Independent lab for Internet infrastructure development