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Next deadline: December 1st 2020 12:00 CET (noon)

This form can be used to request support for your project. Note that some larger funds like the Discovery Fund and the Privacy & Trust Fund (both part of the Next Generation Internet initiative) have special and strict conditions, and you'd better have a look at them before you submit a proposal. Also note that releasing software, hardware and content under open licenses, and the application of open standards where possible are transversal requirements for all. From our end we will provide a transparent and fast selection process. Please check the call-specific guide for applicants for the call you are interested in.

Please don't forget to look into our privacy statement about how we deal with your information (should be a pleasant surprise, actually - we really care about your privacy. Throughout the years we've funded the development of quite some widespread privacy enhancing technologies ourselves).

A practical point: we recommend to prepare longer answers offline, in case something goes wrong with your browser session. It is a light weight procedure, please don't wait until the last hour before the deadline before submitting - deadlines are hard.

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In the list of current calls below, please indicate the call topic you are responding to. You can apply to compete in multiple calls in the same round if your project falls across different themes, but you will of course only be allocated funding once.

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Please be short and to the point in your answers; focus primarily on the what and how, not so much on the why. Add longer descriptions as attachments (see below). If English isn't your first language, don't worry - our reviewers don't care about spelling errors, only about great ideas. We apologise for the inconvenience of having to submit in English. On the up side, you can be as technical as you need to be (but you don't have to). Do stay concrete. Use plain text in your reply only, if you need any HTML to make your point please include this as attachment.

Abstract: Can you explain the whole project and its expected outcome(s).

Have you been involved with projects or organisations relevant to this project before? And if so, can you tell us a bit about your contributions?

Requested support
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Explain what the requested budget will be used for?
Does the project have other funding sources, both past and present?
(If you want, you can in addition attach a budget at the bottom of the form)

Compare your own project with existing or historical efforts.

What are significant technical challenges you expect to solve during the project, if any?

Describe the ecosystem of the project, and how you will engage with relevant actors and promote the outcomes?

Attachments: add any additional information about the project that may help us to gain more insight into the proposed effort, for instance a more detailed task description, a justification of costs or relevant endorsements. Attachments should only contain background information, please make sure that the proposal without attachments is self-contained and concise. Don't waste too much time on this. Really.
Accepted formats for attachments are:
HTML, PDF, OpenDocument Format and plain text files.

How may we handle your information

(If you haven't, please check our privacy policy).

When your project gets selected, we will legally need to retain your information for compliance purposes for at least seven years. Also, in case you are submitting to one of the NGI Zero funds, at that point we will need to share some information with our (not-for-profit) partner organisations in order so they may assist you with e.g. accessibility, documentation, localisation, packaging, etc. By submitting a proposal you grant us permission to handle the data in the proposal in the manner described.

What should we do in the other case, e.g. when your project is not immediately selected?

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We will contact you within a few days after the deadline. Alternatively (or in case of urgency), you can contact us in a number of ways.