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Contact NLnet

We are a small organisation and don't like to sit behind our desks when there is a vast amount of work to be done out there. So if possible we prefer you to use non-real-time ways to contact us. For instance through the form below. Please do check out our privacy statement about how we deal with your information (should be a pleasant surprise, actually - we really care about your privacy, and not just because we've funded many privacy enhancing technologies as a public benefit organisation).

This form is for reqular questions. If you want to propose a new project, you might just want to use our project application form. Feel free to use an alias or a temporary email address, and if you do, make it a funny one.

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Obviously, there are also ways to send us something, call us, find out some financial information about us (in case you want to send us a donation, for instance) or visit us in person. If you want to contact us with confidential information, you can email one of our team members using proper encryption - you will find public key material. If security is a real issue, we suggest you use paper to notify us and we can set up a secure channel.

You can also contact us on the Fediverse, subscribe to our newsletter or follow our RSS feed.