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NLnet has an open call as well as thematic funds. This page contains an overview of the projects that fall within the topic OpenData. If you cannot find the project you are looking for, please check the alphabetic index.

Fashion Freedom -- Fashion Freedom Initiative

The Fashion Freedom Initiative wants to make sure that everyone benefits from new advances in technology in the fashion industry and beyond. It aims to assist the industry and the wider society in transitioning into a new phase where social responsibility, art, usability, privacy and sustainability are combined into a better and smarter fashion for everyone. Designing and making clothes isn't just a luxury for the affluent, or a prerogative of large factories and consumer brands: it is a universal need at the largest possible scale.

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LTSP Deskop -- Desktops op LTSP Cluster

Thin clients (PCs where all data is kept on a remote server and only the desktop is kept locally), are already in use for a long time. These days, increased bandwidth and Cloud Computing allow us to go further, even to stream the complete desktop from the Internet. The possibility to start a desktop "on demand" from the cloud offers interesting new collaboration possibilities: any application can instantly become remote accessible. For instance, having a graphic design reviewed by a design interface specialist. Or program together/review code within a single IDE instance.

The goal of this project is to completely integrate remote access to a cluster of LTSP servers that can be directly accessible or streamed from any private or public cloud (like Amazon EC2 or Eucalyptus).

At start, the project is targeted at Open Source specialists which should test the new functionality, translations and design. Development versions are simple to test: no need to "scrap" my computer: simply instantiate a remote development desktop.

Schools are a second target. Schools will be able to distribute any application to any computer with the LTSP-Cluster. Schools all over the World will be able to provide the complete school environment to any child (using Windows, Linux or Mac computer). All students have access to the same educational tools.

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OpenStreetMapNL -- OpenStreetMap Netherlands

() Het geodatalandschap verandert. Overheidsdata wordt meer en meer vrij beschikbaar. Belangrijke kaartenleveranciers TeleAtlas en Navteq verliezen hun onafhankelijke positie door inlijving bij TomTom respectievelijk Nokia. Tegelijkertijd neemt het belang van het `Geografische Web' steeds toe en nemen gebruikers van geografische informatie geen genoegen meer met een passieve gebruikersrol. De commerciële leveranciers herijken hun strategie teneinde een graantje te kunnen meepikken van `user generated content'.

In dit veranderende landschap wordt OpenStreetMap steeds meer een factor om mee te rekenen --in het bijzonder in Nederland. Als onafhankelijke bron van een hoogwaardige, landsdekkende, volledige en bovendien vrij te gebruiken geodataset van Nederland eist OpenStreetMap een duidelijke plaats op. Dat zal niet ongemerkt blijven. Er zullen meer eindgebruikers komen. Er zullen meer bedrijven geïnteresseerd raken in het inzetten van OpenStreetMap-data in hun systemen, websites en applicaties. Nieuwe toepassingen zullen het levenslicht zien. Wellicht volgen er nog meer donaties van geografische data.

Dit project is specifiek gericht op:

  • Ontwikkelen van systemen voor backups, rollback-mogelijkheden, signaleren van wijzigingen en toekenning van niveaus van vertrouwen gekoppeld aan bijdragers en hun wijzigingen.
  • Ontwikkelen van een lichtgewicht mobiele editor om het rechtstreeks controleren en aanpassen van de OpenStreetMap-data `in het veld’ mogelijk te maken.
  • Ontwikkelen van een laagdrempeliger interface voor het doorgeven van eenvoudige wijzigingen door ‘leken’.

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Searsia provides the means to create a personal, private, and configurable search engine, that combines search results freely from a very large number of sources. Searsia enables existing sources to cooperate such that they together provide a search service that resembles today’s large search engines. In addition to using external services at will, you can also use it to integrate whatever private information from within your organisation - so your users or community can use a single search engine to serve their needs.

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TOS;DR -- Terms of Service; Didn't Read

Terms of service are often too long to read (reading all of these carefully wrought documents could quite literally cost you years of your life), yet it is very important to understand what is in them. After all, your actual legal position online depends on them in a very concrete way. The ratings from TOS;DR can help users get informed about their rights.

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