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Educational Programs

NLnet has an open call as well as thematic funds. This page contains an overview of the projects that fall within the topic Educational Programs. If you cannot find the project you are looking for, please check the alphabetic index.

CodeYard -- CodeYard, "Scholier en Open Source"

Computer Science is a growing subject in secondary education (12-to-18-year old students). In 2007 it will become a core profile course for the Dutch high school curriculum. The CodeYard project aims to draw students to the production of Open Source Software (OSS). Students can use the infrastructure and expertise of the CodeYard project to produce OSS, which can be passed on to future generations of students. This should lead to a wider use of OSS.

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Democratic Sendcomm

Cheap but performant open hardware LoRa device for educational purposes.

>> Read more about Democratic Sendcomm

Explain Direct

Open source technical solutions for analyzing, recommending, and querying open educational materials within the context of higher education

>> Read more about Explain Direct

GO-FOSS -- Go for Free and Open Source Software

The main goal of this project is to develop a group of skilled professionals on FOSS within the community of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and NGOs (large Non Governmental Organizations).

>> Read more about GO-FOSS

SchoolLan -- Foundation Stichting SchoolLan

The foundation SchoolLan ceased its activities officially on October 31, 2006. On the moment, no-one is working on a new release. The last release 5.2.0 was made in September 2004.

SchoolLan brings an Internet infrastructure to Dutch primary schools. Pupils and teachers can get access to e-mail and websites with minimal effort. The systems are pre-configured to fit best in the school environment.

SchoolLan has been developed to allow (remote) technical management within in a (technically naive) school environment. The design and configuration can easily be duplicated by similar educational institutions elsewhere. In other words, SchoolLan is a blueprint: a technical configuration/network design model.

>> Read more about SchoolLan

ThinkQuest -- ThinkQuest van Kennisnet

Foundation ThinkQuest organized web-games for various target communities: primary school pupils, secondary schools, and even vocational training students. All contests are in Dutch only.

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TOS;DR -- Terms of Service; Didn't Read

>> Read more about TOS;DR

TwinSite-2000 -- An International web-competition for students

International web-competition for secondary schools, where a Dutch school has to partner with a foreign school in creating a website on any topic of choice.

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