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A modern way to manage and deploy federated wifi roaming

This page contains a concise overview of projects funded by NLnet foundation that belong to GetEduroam (see the thematic index). There is more information available on each of the projects listed on this page - all you need to do is click on the title or the link at the bottom of the section on each project to read more. If a description on this page is a bit technical and terse, don't despair — the dedicated page will have a more user-friendly description that should be intelligible for 'normal' people as well. If you cannot find a specific project you are looking for, please check the alphabetic index or just search for it (or search for a specific keyword).

Letswifi/Geteduroam — Make federated wifi access provisioning safer and more convenient

The geteduroam toolset will allow organisations to more securely and conveniently to roll out wifi access provisioning to their userbase, in addition to making it even easier for end user to connect to such services (like eduroam and govroam) in a secure way.

While many users connect to these roaming services by simply typing in their username and password when they see the network, to securely connect to the network relevant network information needs to be provided through an onboarding tool. geteduroam and eduroam CAT are such onboarding tools. In addition to providing onboarding, geteduroam also increases network security at the backend, by removing the necessity to connect the internal user database of an organisation to the federated infrastructure.

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