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A modern way to manage and deploy federated wifi roaming

This page contains a concise overview of projects funded by NLnet foundation that belong to GetEduroam (see the thematic index). There is more information available on each of the projects listed on this page - all you need to do is click on the title or the link at the bottom of the section on each project to read more. If a description on this page is a bit technical and terse, don't despair — the dedicated page will have a more user-friendly description that should be intelligible for 'normal' people as well. If you cannot find a specific project you are looking for, please check the alphabetic index or just search for it (or search for a specific keyword).

Letswifi/Geteduroam — Make federated wifi access provisioning safer and more convenient

The project summary for this project is not yet available. Please come back soon!

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