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Last update: 2007-04-03


contributions to various hackathons

2007 Decibel Hackathon

[17-18 March 2007 in Darmstadt, Germany] This hackathon is part of project Decibel, which is sponsored by NLnet. Read the minutes of the meeting.

2007 First European Perl Hackathon

[2-4 March 2007 in Arnhem, The Netherlands] NLnet contributed to the organization of this hackathon, with special focus on the advancement and spreading of new network technologies; in this case the Parrot and CPAN6 projects. NLnet sponsored this event with €400.

2006 Debian BSPs

NLnet sponsors a number of Debian developer meetings which form part of a BSP Marathon (BSP = bug squashing party), to support the upcoming "Etch" release of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and to improve its quality.

These activities contribute to an important NLnet goal: spreading new network technology. For instance, Debians next release contains major upgrades to the network tools. In addition, most parts of Debian will be made IPv6-compatible, e.g. the next stable release will contain iptables which support stateful IPv6-rules (which for lots of people is important for their firewalls to support IPv6 there).

NLnet contributed to

  •  8-11 September 2006, Vienna Austria: €825. The 16 participants were able to fix many bugs, with work on iproute2, wireshark, zeroconf, and xulrunner (Mozilla).
  • 15-17 September 2006, Jülich Germany: €430. The 20 participants worked (amongst other things) on improved security, as can be read in the brief report.
  • 29 Sept - 1 Oct 2006, Utrecht Netherlands; €960. About 15 people worked on various issues related to Debian's upcoming release named Etch. Read the short report

2006 OpenDocument Day at aKademy

[September 26, 2006] OpenDocument Day at aKademy offers software developers interested in ODF an opportunity to exchange ideas, build relations and collaborate in an informal setting.
NLnet sponsors this event to a maximum of €5,000. See the announcement and report.

2006 OpenBGPD and OpenOSPFD mini Hackathon

[June 14 till 18, 2006] This mini Hackathon will concentrate on better routing support in OpenBSD.
NLnet sponsored this event with €5,000. See the Announcement and report.

2006 KDE MultiMedia Meeting

[May 26 till 28, 2006] An international KDE developer meeting about multimedia. Its focus is to make the pervasive role of multimedia easier to manage for users and developers.
NLnet sponsored the travel expenses of the participants with €6000. See the announcement, the final report (PDF), and the blogs about the event.

2006 OpenSync

[January 13 till 15, 2006] OpenSync is a cross platform and desktop agnostic syncing solution for mobile devices and desktops. OpenSync uses plugins for syncing different kinds of devices, which can be easily plugged into the framework. Website of OpenSync.
See the final report.


[May 27 till 29, 2005] The KDE desktop is the graphical user interface plus a large set of commonly needed applications, one of which is the Personal Information Manager (PIM) named Kontact: the agenda and e-mail application of KDE. This KDEPIM meeting 2005 braught together developers of the Kontact applications.
NLnet sponsored this event with a donation of €2,000. See the sponsor request and final report.

2003 OpenBSD Hackathon

[May 10 till 18, 2003] Yearly OpenBSD and OpenSSH developers meeting. The event took place in Calgary Canada, from May 10 till May 18, 2003.
NLnet sponsored this event with an donation to of €10,000. See the sponsor request and final report.

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