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Last update: 2007-04-03

Fruitful KDEPIM-NL Meeting

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[This is an abstract of the full report by Adriaan de Groot]
From Friday May 27th until Sunday May 29th, developers of the KDE collaboration and groupware application suite KDE PIM (Personal Information Management) came together to discuss several important topics and to boost development efforts.

The meeting took place at the Annahoeve, which is a country house near Zundert in the very South of the Netherlands. Developers from all across Europe -representing all the key KDE PIM applications- gathered for coding work. Usability experts, specialized in making computer software more user friendly, stepped in as well.

The event started on Friday morning with several presentations from the sponsors and key developers, with related topics. After the lunch the meeting itself took off. From that afternoon until Sunday evening the developers were able to fix several bugs and improve the user friendliness in a couple of places. They discussed several key topics. During the final session of the meeting, the upcoming work was discussed. The results of that will slowly become visible over the weeks.

Looking back at the event, several very important results were made. Most notably, development decisions where made, which works best when the involved people meet in person.

One of the key factors to the success of the meeting has certainly been the excellent location. The quiet area, away from crowded city streets, the nice weather and the luxury of everything being taken care of (including high-quality catering) helps a lot in focusing on the issues at hand and stimulating healthy discussions.

The event certainly would not have been as successful without the sponsors who made it possible to work in this location in the first place.

Read the full report for more details.

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