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Last update: 2007-04-03

Debian BSP Marathon, Jülich

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[Brief report by Andreas Barth] About what happened: Yet another large number of bugs were fixed. We were in total about 20 people there.

What might be most interesting is that Martin Zobel (who is local to Jülich) and I were working on the key management for securing upgrades via the network (for a stable release, this is a bit more complex then for day-to-day updated development snapshots), and created the key that we will use for this purpose there. This is an important step forward for Debian to improve security. In the meantime, more of that setup has happened, one follow-up of this was that we have now one mirror with an additional stable key, and we will use additional stable, off-line keys from the next point release on.

NLnet sponsored the event with €430.

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