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Last update: 2007-04-03

Debian BSP Utrecht

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On the weekend 29 november to 1 October, a real life Bug Squashing Party took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, joining the BSP Marathon. The meeting was very constructive and we feel that it brought Debian closer to a timely release of Etch.

Approximately fifteen people participated in the meeting; most were from the Netherlands, but also people from the UK, Germany and Finland participated.

The participants worked on various tasks that would advance the release. Apart from closing approximately 20 release-critical bugs and the hunting down of several other long-standing ones, advancement was made on the Debian Installer and the CD creation scripts. Work was also done towards supporting IPv6 in the installer (implementing IPv6 support into busybox wget, the http downloader used by the installer, meanwhile finished).

We would like to thank all participants for contributing in the BSP. Many thanks also go to our sponsor, the NLnet foundation, for a financial contribution that made this BSP possible, and to Utrecht University and A-Eskwadraat study association for making rooms and internet connections available.

The organizers: Thijs Kinkhorst, Jeroen van Wolffelaar, Bas Zoetekouw.

NLnet sponsored this meeting with €960.

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