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Last update: 2007-04-03

Meeting of OpenSync

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In the weekend of the 13th through 15th of January 2006, several open source developers traveled to The Netherlands to work together on the new syncing framework OpenSync. This framework is being created to solve some of the problems one currently runs into when synchronizing mobile devices on operating systems like Linux.

OpenSync is a cross platform and desktop agnostic syncing solution for mobile devices and desktops. OpenSync uses plug-ins for syncing different kinds of devices, which can be easily plugged in the framework.

The developers worked throughout the weekend on the next release of OpenSync, which is expected to be part of new versions of Linux desktop distributions everywhere.

Sponsorship by the Stichting NLnet and IBM Netherlands made it possible for these open source developers to travel to The Netherlands to collaborate face to face on the OpenSync project. Also, the developers were able to explain to interested parties what they expect this syncing framework is capable of now, and what they hope to achieve in the near future.

The event was organized by Frank Zwart (Linux consultant and student at Leiden University) and Fabrice Mous (advisor of the OSOSS program, promoting Open Source software usage in the Dutch government).

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