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OpenBSD hackathon 2003 (c2k3), Calgary, May 9-20

As in previous years, the OpenBSD project held its annual meeting, called Hackathon. 62 developers from all over the world showed up in May 2003, in the Hyatt Regency Calgary (in Calgary, Canada). Two conference rooms were turned into hacking rooms, stuffed with machines, network equipment, and the like.

Lots of work was done on the OpenBSD system, and grounds for bigger sub-projects were laid. The greater part of the changes found in OpenBSD release 3.4 are visible results. Some of these in detail:

Because DARPA suddenly and unexpectedly cancelled funding for OpenBSD R&D, covering the hotel and travel costs for the 2003 hackathon was a problem. Nevertheless the event happened as scheduled with donations and contributions by companies and the user community continued to support the project.

We would like to thank especially the Stichting NLnet for covering the hotel costs of this event, without their support, it would not have been possible to organize the event at this scale.


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