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Last update: 2007/04/03


[Meetings of developers]

Hackathons are meetings of small groups Open Source developers, usually on participation of inviation only. In a few days of intensive interaction, they focus on new developments, prototypes, and designs.

  • 2007/03/17: Decibel Hackathon. details
  • 2007/02/11: First European Perl Hackathon details
  • 2006/09: Various Debian BSP Marathons (BSP = bug squashing party) details
  • 2006/08/03: OpenDocument Day at Akedemy. details
  • 2006/06/14: The OpenBGPD and OpenOSPFD mini hackathon of OpenBSD. details
  • 2006/05/26: KDE MultiMedia Meeting. details
  • 2006/01/13: Developing a new release of OpenSync. details
  • 2005/05/27: KDEPIM meeting, bringing together developers of KDE's Kontact applications. details
  • 2003/05/10: Yearly OpenBSD and OpenSSH developers meeting. details