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News in 2008

  • 2008/06/19: Dutch develop open source smart card for public transport. Press release: Dutch ; English more >>
  • 2008/05/14: NLnet launches a Contest to improve the protection of the average internet user. Contest page
    Press release: Dutch and English version.
  • 2008/04/16: Press release: Michiel Leenaars has been appointed as "Director of Strategy" for NLnet Foundation. Dutch and English version.
  • 2008/01/29: New poject ODFSVN let you collaborate on ODF documents via SVN.
  • 2008/01/18: NLnet again calls Microsoft for more openness "Non-disclosure will hurt standardisation OOXML". Press release
  • 2008/01/14: Microsoft should release deprecated file formats into public domain. Press release
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