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Awards October 2008

The winners of the October 2008 call are:

  • NoScript ABE-component

    NoScript is a popular (over two millions active users) add-on extending the Firefox open source web browser and other products based on the Mozilla Gecko engine. NoScript increases web client security by applying a Default Deny policy to JavaScript, Java, Flash, and other active content. It provides users with an one-click interface to easily whitelist sites they trust for active content execution.

  • Network Event Kit

    The Network Event Kit (NEK) is a kit allowing to quickly and cheaply build a network for various types of events. This kit will offer both cabled and over-the-air infrastructure.

  • GNUnet

    GNUnet is GNU's framework for secure peer-to-peer networking. The framework is designed to support a range of applications. The primary application at this point is anonymous and censorship-resistant file-sharing.

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