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Awards June 2008

The winners of the June 2008 call are:

  • Multi-User Jingle

    It is intended that MU-Jingle improves over three existing solutions:

    • Jingle - by supporting more than two participants;
    • Skype - by being an open standard with a free software implementation;
    • SIP - by supporting reliable peer-to-peer connectivity, as opposed to requiring dedicated media relay infrastructure, thereby allowing a video stream from each participant without the need for multiplexing.

    In general, by adding support for multi-user audio/video to XMPP, users do not have to give up the benefits of XMPP in order to make a multi-user call.

  • Authenticating users over the Internet using e-Passports

    The intention is to create a trustworthy identity solution that allows a user to use their e-passport for authentication at regular websites or webservices (e.g. for e-government like services). Such a solution may contain a browser plug-in that integrates the software developed in JMRTD with an open source identity selector (perhaps compatible with InfoCard).

    Additionally, the solution may require the establishment of a central server that acts as an identity provider (perhaps compatible with OpenID). A question that will need to be answered is to what degree end-users and service providers need to trust the identity provider (in case of end-users: trust with respect to dealing with privacy sensitive data).

  • ODF for Symbian OS

    As more and more governments are adopting ODF, some of them even as the unique document format, it is not coherent that there is no freely available, open source viewer for Symbian OS or other mobile systems available.

    Mobile Office is a reader for OpenDocument files and currently the only implementation of ODF for any mobile device. With Mobile Office, you can now read your files also on your mobile and have them always with you. For the first time ever, it will be possible to read your OpenDocument files from, KOffice, AbiWord and Lotus Symphony on your Symbian Smartphone using Open Source software.

    The following features will be supported:

    • create an appropriate project under e.g Google Code, Sourceforge or others; release Mobile Office's source code under an appropriate license;
    • add end-user documentation about Mobile Office as html and/or pdf pages as well as help content integrated into the application itself;
    • finish up some remaining stuff to make it compatible with some changes done by, e.g. in relation to encryption of documents.

Additionally NLnet decided to sponsor the following events and activities:

  1. Congres Tilting Perspectives on Regulating Technologies
    This conference aims at bringing academic knowledge and policy approaches about regulating technology a step forward by looking at issues from a multidisciplinary angle.
  2. Debian bug squashing party
    An event for Debian GNU/Linux Developers to meet and resolve open bugs in order to bring the next release closer.

NLnet congratulates the projects that were awarded and encourages others to apply for financial and other support by NLnet for their projects in their next call with deadline October 1st 2008.