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The winners of the April 2011 calls are:

  • DNSSEC for Jitsi by the University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland
    Jitsi (formerly known as SIP Communicator), is a Java based open source VoIP and Instant Messaging client supporting various protocols such as SIP and XMPP. The project will add client side DNSSEC validation and certificate checking to Jitsi, thus making end-to-end SIP communication secure.
  • Seahorse Smart Card Support by Collabora Ltd, UK
    Implement basic management of certificates and keys stored on smart cards in the Seahorse (GNOME) key manager.
  • DNSCCM by Sinodun Internet Technologies, UK
    Implement NSCP (RFC6168), a generic DNS(SEC) name server management and control system, for BIND and NSD.
  • NoScript Mobile Part 2 by Giorgio Maone, Italy
    Implement specific components for the NoScript browser plugin: XSS Filter, ClearClick, Mobile-friendly Setup Interface, Remote Synchronization, and ABE (Application Boundaries Enforcer).
  • Abiword ODT Change Tracking by Ben Martin, Australia
    Continuation of project ODF Track changes.