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Last update: 2010-09-17

Seahorse SmartCard

Seahorse Smart Card Support

Smart Cards provide solid, tamper-proof security. When used with modern web authentication technology, they can be used to provide a protection against phishing and can also be used to solve other problems facing one's identity on the web today. But, desktops ignore their existence.

In order to get things rolling with better smart card support on the Desktop, users and developers need simple access to smart card technology. Seahorse is a key manager that's used on the GNOME Desktop. Currently it can manage stored passwords, PGP, and SSH keys. This project will add smart card support to the Seahorse key manager.

This project will implement basic management of certificates and keys stored on smart cards in the Seahorse key manager. Users will be able to examine and use their smart card with the same management operations as available to certificates and keys stored in software key tokens.

Project of Collabora Ltd, UK

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