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NoScript Mobile part 2

NoScript is a popular GPL add-on for Firefox and other Mozilla Gecko-based browsers which considerably increases the web client security in several innovative and ground-breaking ways. Numerous useful features make NoScript the most advanced browser security tool, used and respected by most web security experts and serving as an example and an inspiration for safety enhancements which are slowly finding their way in mainstream web browser technologies.

This project is the follow up of the first NoScript Mobile project, and will implement specific components: XSS Filter, ClearClick, Mobile-friendly Setup Interface, Remote Synchronization, ABE component (Application Boundaries Enforcer).

The way people use the web is steadily moving towards mobility: we've got smart phones rivaling in power and usability with desktop PCs, and open source mobile OSes, like the Debian-derivative Maemo by Nokia or, even more prominently, Google's Android, which open exciting scenarios but also pose significant challenges. The challenge NoScript wants to accept and win is bringing the safest web browsing experience on the mobile platforms. In order to achieve this, NoScript will be re-designed and re-implemented to be compatible with the latest Firefox Mobile versions, which run both on Android and Maemo devices, trying to retain as much as possible of its core components and functionality.

Project of Giorgio Maone, Italy.

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