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Last update: 2010-09-17

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DNS NSCP implementation for BIND and NSD

There is a clear need for a common DNS(SEC) name server management and control system. DNS is such a vital part of any organization's network infrastructure that it is common to run multiple different DNS implementations. However, each implementation has its own distinctive configuration and control utilities. A common interface should greatly simplify management of diverse infrastructures.

In 2007, the IETF working group determined there was a need for standardized management of nameservers for DNS and in 2011 the requirements draft addressing this got accepted as RFC6168. An IEFT draft is under development, which proposes a Nameserver Control Protocol (NSCP) to meet these requirements.

The primary focus of this prokect is to develop an implementation of NSCP for current releases of BIND and NSD, the most widely used open source authoritative nameservers.

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