NLnet supports BoF 2016/01/30

Second edition of 'Holland Strikes Back' 2015/10/20

Trusted Networks Initiative continues to grow 2015/04/15

Netherlands' digital infrastructure delivers significant contribution to internet economy 2014/11/20

Launch of the Trusted Networks Initiative 2014/10/28

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What NLnet can do for you

The NLnet foundation is financially independent and is free to fund any activity that contributes to its mission, in whatever way it chooses. That opens many opportunities, some of which are mentioned on this page. If you have a creative or inspiring idea that does not fall under any of the categories below, and you believe NLnet should help you: just contact us.

Of course money is not the only type of support NLnet can provide. The foundation, and the people behind it, have a global network of potential partners, projects, and experts which can be of use to achieving your goals. When we support you, we don't sit back: we actively try to help you get results. NLnet serves the public interest through your energy and labor, and we are passionate about that. You can expect us to be a professional partner, with low overhead. It's all about helping you get the most out of your ideas.

Regular types of financial support

(If your type of funding need isn't listed, there may be organisations and programmes outside of NLnet that can help)

What you can do for NLnet

If you have great ideas: get us involved. If you like the work of NLnet foundation and the way we operate, and you have some money you can contribute: your donations are most welcome. More money simply means more possibilities. If you are thinking about donating a large sum, or putting us in your will: contact us for doing this in the smartest way.


Send in your ideas. Deadline March 1st, 2016.

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