Hackers donate 90% of profit to charity 2019/06/13

NGI Zero awarded two EC research and innovation actions 2018/12/01

EC publishes study on Next Generation Internet 2025 2018/10/05

Bob Goudriaan successor of Marc Gauw 2017/10/12

NLnet Labs' Jaap Akkerhuis inducted in Internet Hall of Fame 2017/09/19

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NLnet Tax Authority Status

Stichting NLnet is a recognised philantropic non-profit foundation according to the Netherlands Tax Authority (Belastingdienst), and there is a vast network of tax treaties with most countries around the world. Donations to NLnet foundation qualify under many circumstances as charitable donations, we are happy to help you find out if this is the case for your donation. To make it easy to review our compliance documentation regarding this status as a Public Benefit Organisation (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) we have compiled the following overview of information, according to current (as of January 2014) Netherlands tax regulations.

Name of the Institution

Stichting NLnet

Fiscal Number and Business Registers

Mission Statement

The articles of association for the NLnet foundation state as a mission: "het bevorderen van elektronische informatie-uitwisseling en al hetgeen daarmee verband houdt of daartoe bevorderlijk kan zijn" (English translation: "to promote the exchange of electronic information and all that is related or beneficial to that purpose").


NLnet provides an online overview of all people involved with its activities, and their roles and responsibilities. This includes its employees, the board and the supervisory board. NLnet complies with the Wet normering bezoldiging topfunctionarissen publieke en semipublieke sector, the official Netherlands law regulating the allowed income of officials in the public and semi-public sector. More detailed information about remuneration can be found in our annual reports.

Current projects and Economic Report

Information regarding current and historic projects supported by NLnet can be found in our project overview. The Economic Report is contained in the annual reports. The policy plan is also available.

Contact information

You can get in contact with NLnet through the contact form or send us an e-mail. Alternatively, you can contact us through our phone number of go to our visiting adress.


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