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Last update: 2007-07-20

End: 2007-01


providing a reference SMIL 3.0 implementation

Several organizations are cooperating in the Ambulant Open SMIL Player project:

  • CWI, the Dutch National Center for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam. (Dick Bulterman, Jack Jansen, and Sjoerd Mullender)
  • Anadelta from Greece. (Kleanthis Kleanthous)

The initiator of the project is the CWI, but other institutes and companies take part in development.

  • 2007-10-03: Status report. Review of the final draft for SMIL 3.0, and implementation commences. more > >
  • 2007-07-20: Status report. Release of final draft for the SMIL 3.0 specification and initial implementation of the new features in Ambulant. more > >
  • 2006-12-13: Status report. Working on embedded distributions: content enrichment engine for interactive TV, and displaying books for the blind. more > >
  • 2005-12-14: Ambulant released version 1.6, with SMIL 2.1 support. more > >
  • 2005-06-09: Status report. Software release version 1.4. The software will be integrated into AMIS DTB: a multimedia player for blind users. Two presentations at the Holland Open Source conference. more > >
  • 2005-01-21: Ambulant released version 1.2, with syntax checker and plugin support. more > >
  • 2004-11-11: Development of Ambulant continues. The project plan voor Ambulant/NxG. .pdf (97 kB)
  • 2004-07-21: Ambulant released version 1.0. more > >
  • 2004-10-11: Final report for the Ambulant Player Phase 1. .pdf (250 kB)
  • 2004-04-23: "Ambulant/X Player" released. This distribution supports nearly the entire SMIL 2.0 specification and is available in source form for Linux, Linux/PDA, Mac OS X, Windows and WinCE distributions. Custom installers are available for Mac OSX, WIN32/Desktop and WinCE/PocketPC.
    The Ambulant team also release a set of six SMIL demonstrators that can be used to evaluate the Ambulant/X player (and other SMIL players).
  • 2003-10-30: "Ambulant/M Player" released.

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