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Last update: 2007-07-20

End: 2007-01

Ambulant version 1.2

providing a reference SMIL 3.0 implementation

Ambulant Player 1.2 was released on January 17, 2005. Ambulant Player is a SMIL 2.0 playback engine available for Linux, Mac OS-X, Windows and handhelds (Windows CE or Zaurus Linux).

What's new in Ambulant Player 1.2?

  • Help files and man pages added
  • Log window added for diagnostic output
  • Preferences dialog added
  • Localization possible (on Mac/Unix)
  • Xerces XML parser support, which enables rigorous syntax checking of your SMIL document (Mac/Windows/Unix)
  • Plugin support (Mac/Unix)
  • The developer API has been rationalized and fully documented

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