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Ambulant version 1.6

[2005-12-13, press release] We at Ambulant are pleased to announce the release of version 1.6 of the Ambulant Player. This release has been synchronized with the W3C's release today of SMIL 2.1.

Ambulant supports all of SMIL 2.1's features --and is the only public player available at any URI to do so! We support the new Mobile and Extended Mobile Profiles, as well as the updated SMIL 2.1 Language profile. As usual, open-source builds of Ambulant are available for: Linux, Mac OS X, Win32, Win-CE, and Win32-Tablet.

In addition to SMIL 2.1, there are some other interesting developments that have been included in this release:

We hope that you take a look at SMIL 2.1 and try the Ambulant Player.
We look forward to your feedback.
With best wishes for 2006,
The Ambulant Team at CWI


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