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Status report Q4 2006

The Ambulant project has spent the last three months of 2006 working on embedded distributions of the Ambulant Player in two domains: first, Ambulant has been implemented at the core of the AmbulantAnnotator, a content enrichment engine for use in interactive digital TV (IDTV) environments. This work, which is carried out in the ITEA Passepartout project, won the Goal Medal at the ITEA Symposium in Paris in October, 2006 for Ambulant and for our Passepartout partners Philips, V2_, Thomson and INT.

The second embedded use of Ambulant was within the AMIS environment for displaying books for the blind. Versions of the AMIS/Ambulant environment were created for Win32, Mac OSX and Linux. Further Ambulant included active download of the Ambulant 1.6 player (with over 25,000 downloads expected for 2006) and the development of the new-and-improved Ambulant 1.8 version. The new version of Ambulant will be released in late 2006/early 2007.


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