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Awards Februari 2009

The winners of the Februari 2009 call are:

    Secure Peer-to-peer Services Overlay Architecture; pilot experiment with community, studying privacy and mobility aspects of P2PSIP.
  • Generic Proxy Appliance
    Develop and implement an (internet) proxy appliance to utilize unused bandwidth in (wireless) networks.
  • Open-Source IPv4-IPv6 Translation Gateway
    Implement a NAT64 gateway to run on Open Source operating systems.
  • 3G support for FreeBSD
    Develop network drivers for 3G cards on Open Source platforms and embedded systems.
  • MSRP client Java library
    Extend the Message Session Relay Protocol with support for the MSRP relay extensions peer library for the Java developers community.

Conferences, hackathons, donations

  • Hacking at Random 2009

    The 20th anniversary edition of the Dutch outdoor technology and security conference. Hacking At Random is the latest instalment in a series of non-profit technology conferences that have been taking place in the Netherlands since 1989. Its predecessors include What The Hack (2005), Hackers At Large (2001), Hacking In Progress (1997), Hacking at the End of the Universe (1993) and the Intergalactic Hacker Party (1989).

    The conference will have an attractive program and international experts focusing on the internet, privacy, security and open source and open standards for an audience of 2500 people (with room for over 3500), many of whom are decision makers in IT policy.

    There will be continuous workshops during the four day conference which teach people how to use open source software and open standard documents in their own businesses. Our aim for the workshops is to show people the importance of open standards and to show them the tools to produce open standard documents with.

  • eLiberatica 2009

    eLiberatica is the annual Open Source and Free Software conference which was initiated by a group of IT enthusiasts, that evolved now in an on growing community formatted around the event (The eLiberatica Community).

    The goal of the event is to develop and sustain a healthy Free Software, Open Source and Digital Civil Society movement, and to promote Free/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS) business models. Presentations and activities at the event are meant to help both local and international participants share ideas and experience about these concepts and movements.

    The third edition of eLiberatica is held in Bucharest, Romania on 22nd-23rd May 2009.