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News in 2007

  • 2007/12/08: CACert receives additional fundings to complete its security audits, which will enable it to become formaly recognized as "trustable organization".
  • 2007/12/08: The initiation of the OpenDoc Society is supported, which will actively promote the use of ODF -and other Open Standards- to existing organisations, like government, health care, and educational institutes.
  • 2007/12/08: The GO-FOSS initiative, aims to develop a group of skilled professionals on FOSS within the community of SMEs and NGOs.
  • 2007/12/03: The new Bricophone project, aims on the creation of a community-oriented mobile phone infrastructure built on cheap hardware.
  • 2007/12/03: Unicoms in Utrecht will start with an investigation into the feasibility to connect Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS) with Open Source PABX systems based on Asterisk. The project is named OCS-Asterisk.
  • 2007/11/30: The new project OpenMSRP(2) aims to implement an open source MSRP multi-party IM chat server that works seamless with the MSRP relay implementation, already under development.
  • 2007/11/09: The Parrot developers released design documents PDD24 (Events) and PDD26 (AST), as can be read in the project status update.
  • 2007/10/09: The successful CodeYard project moves into phase two: growing into a self-sustained organization. Status Report
  • 2007/10/09: The sponsor contract with FSFE, on the Freedom Task Force, has been extended. Status report
  • 2007/10/09: "Improving Access to Public Services", a world-wide thematic conference organized by the Center of Government Studies of Leiden University. Details. Sponsored by NLnet.
  • 2007/10/03: Ambulant participates in the process to finalize the SMIL 3.0 specification, and its implementation commences. Read more in the project status report.
  • 2007/09/18: The Parrot developers released design documents PDD15 (Objects) and PDD17 (PMC), as can be read in the project status update.
  • 2007/09/14: GNU AGPLv3, GNU FDLv2, and GNU SFDL are still underway, Microsoft challanges GPLv3, and video tutorials planned. More about the project status of GPLv3.
  • 2007/09/14: The legal network of the Freedom Task Force (a project by FSF Europe) continues to grow. A conference on European law concerning Open Source is being planned. More about the project status.
  • 2007/09/14: CPAN6 presented at YAPC::Europe and the European Linux Conference. Project status.
  • 2007/09/14: CodeYard has demonstrated to be a very successful concept, and is aiming for persistence. More about the project status.
  • 2007/09/14: The CAcert organization sees many changes: The equipment moved to Holland, a new intermediate board got elected, and plans for new regulation are made, to be discussed at TOP Hackathon. Read the project status.
  • 2007/07/20: GPL and LGPL version 3 were released, but the Free Software movement cannot rest: continuing with pro-free and anti-DRM campaigns, as can be read in the project status. 20070720 The `Freedom Task Force' by FSFE has grown various legal networks, as can be read in its project status.
  • 2007/07/20: Ambulant reports the publication of a final working draft for the SMIL 3.0 specification and an initial implementation of the new features in its project status.
  • 2007/07/20: With a growing acceptance by the KDE community, the Decibel project is nearing completion, as can be read in its latest project status
  • 2007/05/07: Two students from the 'Koninklijk Lyceum Antwerpen' won the Capgemini Open Source Award 2007, the programming contest for secondary schools. In the second edition of this CodeYard event, 15 teams demonstrated their results. Full report
  • 2007/04/03: NetworkWorld has an interesting interview with Olaf Kolkman, director of NLnet Labs, who was elected chairman of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) in March 2007.
  • 2007/04/03: Project Decibel organized a hackathon on March 17 and 18 in Darmstadt, Germany. Read more in the minutes.
  • 2007/03/09: The CAcert servers are being relocated from Australia to a new secure facility in The Netherlands.
  • 2007/02/05: Carl Malamud's LOAP project resulted in an eye-opening poster series picturing the differences between politics and technicians in the realm of internet governance. He also gave a presentation on the subject at OSCON 2006: 10 Government Hacks (Hackzine's version)
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