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Last update: 2003-08-13

End: 2003-01

ReX Program Lund - ISI

international exchange of scholars for software projects

Research exchange program between the University of Lund in Sweden and the Cryptographic Group of Applied Statistical Unit of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) in Calcutta, India.

The purpose of this exchange is to develop a software oriented stream cipher for secure communication over networks. Researchers from ISI will spend nine months in LUND and vice versa.

  • PARSHA-256: A New Parallelizable Hash Function and a Multithread Implementation. Presented in FSE 2003. Published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (FSE 2003, LUND, Sweden) .pdf (266 kB)
  • Efficient Software Implementation of LFSR and Boolean function and its application in nonlinear combiner model. To be published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (proceedings of ACNS'03, 1st MiAn International Conference on Applied Cryptography, Kumming, China) .ps (264 kB)
  • 2003-01-03: Implementation of the designed algorithms. .zip (7 kB)
  • Paper: Multiples of Primitive Polynomials and Their Products over GF(2). .pdf (220 kB)

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