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international exchange of scholars for software projects

The ReX program aims at improving collaboration between research institutions working on computer software projects, especially those involving networking technology. Collaboration is improved by exchanging complementary research knowledge, and facilitated by a grants program covering costs of travel and temporary work abroad.

USENIX runs various other grant programs which are primarily directed at students. ReX's primary goal is research exchange, and ReX attempts to achieve this by exchanging researchers (which may include students) between institutions.

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  • Exchange between Lund (Sweden) and ISI (India) to develop a software oriented stream cipher for secure communication over networks. more > >
  • Research exchange between the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (The Netherlands) to jointly develop a prototype for an extensible packet monitor based on Intel's IXP1200 network processor. more > >
  • Research exchange between the University of Cambridge (UK) and Tilburg University (The Netherlands) on the automatic construction of electronic dictionaries for use in text mining and related applications using memory-based learning techniques. more > >
  • Resarch EXchange between the Universita' dell'Aquila (Italy), and the University of Colorado in Boulder (USA) for the development of novel wireless applications that leverage the Internet­scale publish/subscribe middleware framework of Siena. more > >
  • Research exchange between Delft University of Technology and the Berkeley Wireless Research Center to develope distributed localization algorithms for wireless sensor networks. more > >
  • Research exchange between the Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and CAIDA in San Diego (USA) on enhancing and developing tools for measuring Internet traffic in order to obtain better insight in the physical orgainzation of the network. more > >
  • Exchange between the Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and the University of Colorado (USA) to join efforts on the Globe Research project, in particular on the location service portion of Globe. more > >

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