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The USENIX Association of Berkeley, California, and Stichting NLnet of the Netherlands announce the formation of a joint grant program, ReX (Research Exchange), aimed at facilitating the exchange of scholars among research institutions working on computer software projects, especially those involving networking technology.

The program has allocated $200,000 in its first year toward expenses involved in having graduate and post-graduate students as well as other junior researchers work on research projects abroad. Although preference is given to exchanges between European (particularly Dutch) and American institutions, any international exchange proposals will be considered.

ReX will help with travel, housing, living expenses, tuition, stipends, and equipment. ReX will also provide expert help in establishing such research projects.

Research institutions of all types are encouraged to submit proposals to either the USENIX Association or Stichting NLnet. Proposals should include, at a minimum, the following:

At the top of the proposal, please include the following information:

  • Name of participating institutions
  • Title of project
  • Names of those involved in the exchange and email addresses
  • Amount of funding requested
  • Start date of project
  • Duration of project

The body of the proposal should include the following information:

  • A short description of the project, specifying its scope and goals, and detailing how the project will benefit from the presence of exchange scholars, as well as how the scholars will benefit from working on the project.
  • The name(s), qualifications(s), and role(s) of the director(s) of the project.
  • The names of the participating institutions, along with a description of their areas of expertise.
  • A preliminary budget, as well as an estimate of the length of the project.
  • A single contact person, including mailing address, telephone, fax, and email address.

Please do not include student travel funds in your budget. Whenever USENIX funds a proposal, we also pre-approve student travel stipends so that students involved in the project can attend a USENIX conference and present the results of the work. We hope that students will submit papers to the conference, but if this is not possible or the submission is not accepted, it is expected that the students will participate in the WIP (works-in-progress) session.

Please note the deadlines for proposal submissions.

Proposals and inquiries should be submitted electronically in English in text-only format to either the USENIX Association ( or to Stichting NLnet (

Conditions of Funding

  • All findings from funded projects must be made freely available to the computing community. All parties involved in the exchange must agree that the product of the research will be freely redistributable. Publication or other broadcasting of such results will be facilitated by the sponsors of ReX.
  • Brief progress reports of the project will be required. The final report, including a full financial accounting of the project, should be received within 60 days of completion of the project.
  • At the completion of the project, two articles should be submitted for publication in ;login:.
  • Anytime the work derived from the project is presented or published, the support of the ReX, USENIX, and NLnet should be acknowledged.

Here are some sample proposals that have been funded:
University of Colorado/Vrije Universiteit
Vrije Universiteit/CAIDA

About the USENIX Association
USENIX is the Advanced Computing Systems Association. Since 1975, the USENIX Association has brought together the community of engineers, system administrators, scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the computing world. The USENIX conferences have become the essential meeting grounds for the presentation and discussion of the most advanced information on the developments of all aspects of computing systems.

About Stichting NLnet
Stichting NLnet is a foundation formally started in 1989, incorporating networking activities that go back as early as 1982. Stichting NLnet's goal is to stimulate network development by sponsoring public domain, network-oriented projects. The foundation has played a major role in raising the so-called pan-European UNIX Network and the commercial and public internet network provision in Holland.

The ReX Steering Committee
Frances Brazier, Stichting NLnet and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Teus Hagen, Stichting NLnet
Evi Nemeth, University of Colorado and CAIDA (The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis)
Peter Honeyman, Center for Information Technology Integration, University of Michigan
Mike O'Dell, UUNET Technologies, Inc.

For More Information
please contact the USENIX Association or Stichting NLnet directly at:

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Phone: +1 510 528 8649
FAX: +1 510 548 5738

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Phone: +31 343 457775
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