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Letter of Acceptance

international exchange of scholars for software projects

Date 19-05-2001
Lund Prof. Thomas Johansson
Department of Information Technology
Lund University, Sweden
ISI Prof. Bimal K. Roy
Cryptographic Group of Applied Statistical Unit
Indian Statistical Institute
Calcutta, India

Dear Prof. Thomas Johansson and Prof. Bimal K. Roy:

The Research Exchange Program (ReX) Committee is pleased to inform you that your proposal submitted by the Cryptographic Group of Applied Statistical Unit in Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India and the Department of Information Technology at Lund University, Sweden has been accepted. The purpose of this exchange is to develop software oriented stream cipher for secure communication over networks. Researchers from ISI will spend nine months in LUND and vice versa.

We understand that the exchange will be headed by the joint directors project team of Prof. Thomas Johansson (for Lund) and Prof. Bimal K. Roy (for Crypto Group of ISI). There will be one post doctoral fellow, a faculty member and a post graduate research student from each University. Please note that the ReX Committee (or its initiators, USENIX and Stichting NLnet) is not responsible for the exchange itself. This is the sole responsibility of the grantees.


On behalf of the ReX, USENIX Association and Stichting NLnet, congratulations! We hope that the exchange will stimulate future collaboration between the two institutes. We look forward to hearing about the progress of your work.

Gale Berkowitz

Gale Berkowitz
Deputy Executive Director
USENIX Association/SAGE

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