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Last update: 2021-01-13

NLnet Labs

Independent lab for Internet infrastructure development

NLnet Labs is a not-for-profit foundation with a long heritage in research and development, Internet architecture and governance, as well as stability and security in the area of DNS and inter-domain routing. For many years we have been responsible for three widely used and well respected DNS implementations: the authoritative nameserver NSD, the validating recursive resolver Unbound and the policy-based signer OpenDNSSEC. In the area of inter-domain routing, we are developing a full featured RPKI toolset to help prevent BGP hijacking.

A detailed overview of its current and past activities can be found on the NLnet Labs website, and in its Annual Reports.

  • 2006-09-06: New features: support for IXFR, NOTIFY, and DNAME. Support contracts also available. more > >
  • 2004-02-17: Announcement of NSD release 2.0.0 more > >

Project NLnet Labs

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