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Last update: 2021-01-13

NLnet Labs

Independent lab for Internet infrastructure development

The remarkably fast growth of the Internet and its technology is, in the NLnet Foundation's opinion, primarily due to the permanent free availability of protocol specifications and the reference implementations of these specifications. The free exchange of modules and applications has often led to the development of completely new applications and network services, like browsers (Mosaic) and encryption technology (SSH, PGP). This "open"-ness has had a very stimulating influence, and maintaining and protecting this situation is deemed crucial for the survival of a healthy Internet world.

One of the ways to realize the above is to contribute materially to the expansion and maintenance of the large pool of open source software for the Internet. The term open source is being used here as a catch-all for a large variety of models for the unrestricted development and distribution of software in source form (GNU Public License, BSD license, Artistic license etc.).

Open source software is used on a large scale in the Netherlands; however, contributions to its development are found to a lesser degree. By bundling a number of talented developers in the form of a software development laboratory, a new impulse can be given to the latter.

To implement the above philosophy, the NLnet Foundation has established a new entity with the name Stichting NLnet Labs (NLnet Labs Foundation). NLnet Labs is a stichting (Foundation) under Dutch law, and will employ a group of 4 to 6 talented software developers to work on developing and maintaining open source style software for the Internet.

NLnet Labs activities started on January 1, 2000. A detailed overview of its current and past activities can be found on the NLnet Labs website.

Project NLnet Labs

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