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The LogReport Project and the Lire Package

Joost van Baal

Revision 1, 2002/04/03.

This paper gives an introduction to Lire, LogReport's tool for performing an integrated analysis of all your Internet and Intranet Services.

Log files contain the traces of computer activity, and by intelligently analyzing these traces you can learn a lot about the behavior of a system and its users. However, log file analysis is tedious because programs generate a lot of data and tools to report on this data are unavailable or incomplete. In cases where such tools do exist, they are quite often specific to one product, which means that you can't compare your qmail and Exim mail servers. As a result, rotate is quite often the only application dealing with the logs.

1. Lire

The LogReport project tries to tackle the problems as outlined above by developing Lire. Lire is a software package to generate useful reports from raw log files of various network programs. Lire is Free Software released under the GNU GPL.

The package is actively being maintained by the LogReport team, which currently consists of five experienced software developers. The development can be followed live on our CVS on SourceForge. A new release gets shipped almost monthly.

Lire runs on four different Unixen, GNU/Linux included. Since it's written in Perl, porting to different platforms is easy. Lire is shipped as a tarball (autoconfiscated), as an RPM and as a Debian package. A FreeBSD port package is available too.

Figure 1. Lire's Architecture

Lire enables you to schedule hardware upgrades, detect anomalities in usage from services. It can be used as a tool in building a traffic-based accounting system for external customers. It gives insight in who's talking to who, which is valuable for marketing and business planners.

>Lire currently supports log files from


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