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Last update: 2005-04-18

End: 2004-01


tools for computer/network log file analysis

Since January 2005, LogReport is driven by volunteers. Before that, it was organized as foundation which received fundings from NLnet.

  • 2005-01-01: The foundation Stichting LogReport has been discontinued. The development will continue as volunteer driven project.
  • 2004-09-03: LogReport released Lire version 2.0, and thereby completes its project with NLnet. Development of Lire will continue.
  • 2003-08-08: Formal subsidy request for the development of Lire 2.0. more > >
  • 2003-07-14: Proposal for the development of Lire 2.0. more > >
  • Bylaws of foundation Stichting LogReport (discontinued). more > >

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