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[LogReport -- concluded on 2004/09]

Log files are often treated like the unwanted by-product of IT activity, sitting somewhere in a dark corner of a computer system, examined only occasionally, usually in the case of after-the-fact reactive problem solving. LogReport aims to change this. These files contain the traces of computer activity, and by intelligently analyzing these traces, one can increase existing system efficiency and improve future system design.

The LogReport project serves a dual purpose: developing and maintaining Lire, an Open Source reporting and analysis software package, and serving as a nexus of documentation, ideas, and thoughts on the topic of log files and their potential applications.

There are quite a few specific tools for analyzing particular types of log files. However, LogReport's Lire is designed as a generic tool, with plug-in capability for handling a wealth of different types of log files and report integration features.

From 2000 till 2005, the activities of this project were bundled in the Foundation Stichting LogReport. Thereafter, the project continued on voluntary basis.


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