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tools for computer/network log file analysis

In April 2000, NLnet Foundation's board was approached by a group of people in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, with a plan to establish a website aimed at log file processing. The website would be supported by a new organisation aimed at solving log file problems in a wider sense (knowledge dissemination, tool development, report generation service etc.). After several long discussions, this culminated in August 2000 with the establishment of LogReport Foundation, a non-profit framework for performing the activities outlined above.

The goals of the LogReport Foundation are the following:

  • development, maintenance and distribution of tools and knowledge for processing log files of network/computer system applications and generating reports based on such log files;
  • stimulating the use of the above tools and knowledge in the management of information systems;
  • convincing authors of network/computer system applications to integrate support in their applications for generating useful standardized and machine-processable log file information;
  • contributing to the development and adoption of product independent log file formats (standards);
  • creating a forum for system managers and software developers in the area of log file information applications and analysis.

The Open Source philosophy is a leading idea for all activities of the LogReport Foundation: all software and documentation developed by or under contract from the LogReport Foundation will be made freely available in source form to the network community. This principle has been strongly established in the statute of the LogReport Foundation.

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