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"Free webservice lets user compare office applications"

['s Hertogenbosch/Den Haag, May 19 2009] The Netherlands in Open Connection and OpenDoc Society are happy to announce the immediate availability of the beta of, a free webservice that allows users to compare the output quality of office applications. The Officeshots project entails both an open source service framework, and a free online service based on this framework. The service is now in closed beta, exclusively available to members of the international OpenDoc Society. If you wish to join the beta program you can become a member or sponsor of the OpenDoc Society. was first announced on January 29th 2009, with the beta phase of the service scheduled to become active at the end of February or early March. A delay in supporting rendering factories caused the original schedule to slip but with support of NLnet, Open IT Netherlands and the project is finally ready to start the beta phase.

Project Lead Sander Marechal (The Lone Wolves Foundation): "At the start of the beta phase, is running a number of factories implementing GO-OO,, Gnumeric and AbiWord. We expect to quickly add support for a number of other factories such as Lotus Symphony, RedOffice (Chinese), OfficeReader (an ODF viewer for Symbian smart phones) and the soon to be released KOffice 2.0." Software vendors and user communities are encouraged to add their office solution of choice to, to make its functionality available to a wider audience.

So far development work within the project has concentrated on making a safe, distributed document rendering environment that allows buyers and developers to test interoperability in many different applications on many different platforms. During the closed beta the visual appearance of the main Officeshots website will be enhanced, and a translation framework so people can assist in translating to their native language. The beta phase is expected to last until the beginning of June, after which the service will be available freely to anyone.

Officeshots will be put to the test significantly in the first ODF Plugfest that will be held June 15/16th 2009 in The Royal Library in The Hague, where a large number of ODF implementations (including wellknown names such as Microsoft, Google, IBM and Sun, but also upcoming players like ZCubes and CelFrame Office) will test their interoperability on invitation by the Dutch cabinet in the person of Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade Frank Heemskerk.

If you wish to be updated with the latest developments and get the announcement for the public release, please consider joining our mailinglist.

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More on the Netherlands Government policy on ODF and other open standards.

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