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FOSDEM Talks: Running NLnet on NixOS & Hexmas

Talks by NLnet on FOSDEM 2024

Round cake saying happy sysadmin day with a penguin in the middle.

At NLnet much of the infrastructure needed to operate the organisation is run on free and open source components. After all, it's important to eat your own dog food. Jos van den Oever, senior policy & technology advisor at NLnet, is one of the people responsible for system administration. Over the last years most of the systems were moved to NixOS and the system setups are kept in a single git repository handled with nixos-rebuild. At FOSDEM 2024 Jos gave a talk on how to run a small organisation on NixOS.

Jos also took the opportunity to remind people of the importance of the last Friday in July: "Once a year you have System Administrator Appreciation Day which is awesome. If people remember it and if they are not on holiday because it happens to be in the middle of the summer".

FOSDEM 2024 Highlights: Hexsticker review

Slide with hex numbers: 140.000 hex stickers, each with 1673 mm2 surface equals 234.2 m2 stickers enough to cover 3750 laptops.

We brought about 140.000 hexagon stickers to FOSDEM. During the closing event with the highlights of FOSDEM 2024, Michiel Leenaars, NLnet's director of strategy presented a review of all things hex. He dubbed FOSDEM Hexmas: "An event at which at least X new hex sticker designs are hexdropped, and at least Y hex stickers are distributed — with X and Y a matter of personal opinion.". (To learn about 'hexdropped' and other hex terminology, check out our Hex glossary.

There would have been a lot less hex stickers at FOSDEM if it weren't for Peter, Nico and people on the Fediverse who were so kind to share. Thanks very much!

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