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Nominate Free Software Projects for the €10.000 BlueHats Prizes

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The French public administration is awarding four € 10 000 prizes to maintainers of free and open source projects. Its Free Software unit (an OSPO) has partnered with NLnet to put four notable projects in the spotlight and award them the BlueHats 2024 prizes. BlueHats are civil servants who promote using and developing Free Software in public administrations.

Nominate a project

Anyone can nominate a project. An important condition is that the project must be in use by at least one agency of the French administration. There's a link on the BlueHats prize 2024 page to a non-exhaustive list of dependencies that are eligible. The page also offers the light-weight form to nominate your favorite project.

Announcement of the winners

The nominated projects will be evaluated by a jury. The jury will provide a jury report and the winners of the four BlueHats prizes will be announced in March, April, May and June. The chosen projects will receive a prize of € 10 000 to be spent freely. So don't hesititate and nominate a free and open source project for the BlueHats prize 2024.

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