4 BlueHats prizes of € 10 000 in 2024

The French public administration is rewarding maintainers of critical Free Software that it uses. Its Free Software unit (an OSPO) has partnered with NLnet to put four notable projects in the spotlight and award them the BlueHats 2024 prizes.

Anyone can nominate projects using the form on this page. The nominated projects will be evaluated by a jury and a new choice will be announced on the first of April, May, June and July. The chosen project will be featured on this webpage with the jury report and will receive a prize of € 10000 to be spent freely.

Why BlueHats

BlueHats are civil servants who promote using and developing Free Software in public administrations.

The winning projects

Nominate a project

You can nominate a project for the BlueHats prize. For a project to be eligible, it should:

  • be used by at least one agency of the French administration,
  • be maintained by a natural person or a non-profit association or foundation,
  • have a license recognized as a Free Software license by both the OSI and the FSF.

Projects may be nominated for a number of reasons: the quality of the code, documentation, governance, and number of external contributors may be outstanding. Or the contribution to the administration autonomy and transparency might be notable. Or you may know of other reasons why a project is excellent.

You may want to check code.gouv.fr to see whether the project is listed here. Projects not in this list of dependencies can also be nominated.


Please provide the details of the project that you wish to nominate.

Contact information

You will receive a copy of your nomination by e-mail.

Questions concerning the nomination process can be sent to NLnet or DINUM's Free Software unit.