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TypeCell Notebooks: Democratizing Software Development

The TypeCell Notebooks repository has been released! TypeCell is a collaborative open source TypeScript live programming environment which aims to make software development more open, simple and accessible. It integrates a live programming environment as a first-class citizen in an end-user block-based document editor. The open source platform enables users to instantly inspect and edit the software they’re using. It's a collaboratibve code editor that enables multiple users to work on the same notebook. Check out the interactive tutorial to see how it works or get started right away by creating your own Notebook.

NLnet financially supports TypeCell through the NGI Assure Fund. Funding was granted to bring TypeCell from a prototype to a functional application. This included building multiple libraries and an open source Notebook environment including a publicly hosted version where users can start creating and sharing notebooks. Part of the funding was dedicated to community building and documentation (because, as we all know, without documentation, your project might as well not exist).

Making web development accessible

The goal of TypeCell is to make software development more open and accessible by reducing the complexity of (web application) development. By taking away barriers like complex build-systems, IDEs and command lines, TypeCell hopes to democratize access to web development and technology in general.

TypeCell is build on top of other great open source projects such as Yjs, MobX, Matrix, and Typescript. For more info on what each of these projects does, see Typecell's credits page.


TypeCell Notebooks is funded through the NGI Assure Fund, a fund established by NLnet with financial support from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme. Do you also have an open source project that needs funding? You can apply for one of the theme funds of NLnet.