Send in your ideas. Deadline October 1, 2024


The winners of the December and Februari calls are:

  • SocketHUB

    This project aims to implement a service which enables developers to use common social functions regardless of the 'language' of the various protocols out in the wild. Call it “polyglot” of the social web.

    More about SocketHUB

  • 0cpm Firmerware

    The 0cpm project aims at making SIP work the way it was intended. The fact is that it is firmware, and explicitly targets phone manufacturers.

    More about 0cpm firmerware


  • OHM2013

    OHM2013: "Observe. Hack. Make." is an international technology and security conference in a unique form. Five days of technology, ideological debates and hands-on tinkering will take place at Geestmerambacht, The Netherlands. OHM2013 continues the tradition of the four-yearly Dutch outdoor technology conferences. OHM2013 is the largest such hackercamp in Europe in 2013 and is projected to attract 3000-4000 visitors from all over the planet.

    OHM2013 is unique in the line of 4-yearly hacker conferences, as each edition has turned out to be.