Calls: Send in your ideas. Deadline August 1st, 2023.


A polyglot communication server for the decentralized internet

This project aims to implement a service which enables developers to use common social functions regardless of the 'language' of the various protocols out in the wild. Call it "polyglot" of the social web.

The implementation revolves around a socket server, with a clearly defined protocol/API that the developers can use as a tool to execute actions mainly focused on social interaction on the internet. Identifying users, sending messages, subscribing, sharing, chatting. It will speak whatever language (protocol) necessary to carry out the action, abstracting the implementation details of the various APIs from the developer. Leaving them to focus on creating rich web applications and providing as much compatibility as possible. The app developer can utilize one tool, indicate what they'd like to do, and that tool goes out and 'speaks the right language' to get the job done.

This project is born from the Unhosted community and shares ideologies and goals with projects such as remoteStorage.js.


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