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The winners of the October 2012 calls are:

  • Open-Source LTE Deployment (OSLD)

    Wireless communications technology is mostly proprietary despite that we are using it every day. The Open-Source LTE Deployment (OSLD) project will develop an open-source LTE (Long Term Evolution – 4G radio standard) library and tools for building sophisticated radios at low cost.

    More about OSLD

  • SERVAL Long-range WiFi Add-on

    The Serval Project's goal is making mobile phones useful, even when there is no cellular network or internet available. Serval has developed various technologies that allow voice calls, SMS, file sharing and other services in a completely distributed manner. This particular project aims to prototype a "helper device", that would consist of a WiFi-enabled Arduino-compatible device attached to a low-cost radio module, and then to integrate that hardware with the Serval platform.

    More about Serval