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Open-Source LTE Deployment (OSLD)

Wireless communication technology is mostly proprietary, despite that we are using it every day. The mission of the Open-Source LTE Deployment (OSLD) project is promoting open-source radios, to get more people involved in developing software to create modern wireless communications systems.

The project will develop an open-source LTE (Long Term Evolution, an 4G radio standard) library and tools for building sophisticated radios at low cost. LTE provides bandwidth on demand for different amounts of speeds and so improving the quality of service to people on the move.

Available LTE processing chains are either proprietary or unsuitable for commercial products. This project will therefore use the open-source SDR framework ALOE. The primary objective of this OSLD project is promoting open-source SDRs and shared development of software for wireless communications systems. Specificly, the project will develop a modular LTE library for mobile terminals and base stations as well as improve the accessibility of ALOE for building sophisticated radio systems at low cost. Both, ALOE and the open-source LTE library, will leverage open-source R&D, complement university labs, facilitate and encourage shared development, and be a solid basis for innovation and commercialization.

The expected project products are:

  • modular, open-source LTE library for building base stations and mobile terminals on a cluster of general-purpose processors,
  • new ALOE release and improved accessibility for shared development,
  • user guides, installation manuals, frequently asked questions,
  • renewed FlexNets web site containing OSLD section, virtual support office, collaborations, and commercial interest for ALOE and LTE library.