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The winners of the August 2011 calls are:

  • Unhosted by Michiel de Jong, Germany.
    Providing a cross-origin data storage protocol, thus separating data servers from application servers.
  • Abiword for MacOS by Fabiano Fidêncio, Brazil.
    The open and free word processor AbiWord will be ported to MacOS platform and submitted to the AppStore.
  • Serval Mesh Hierarchy by Serval, Australia
    Introducing hierarchy into the mesh so that nodes only need to know about nodes that are in some sense "local", even though they might be in a single global mesh.
  • DNSSEC in Lantern by Brave New Software Project, Inc.
    Integrating DNSSEC into every DNS lookup in Lantern, including all DNS lookups in the LittleProxy, Smack, and LittleShoot sub-modules.
  • OpenBTS hardware by Fairwaves, Russia
    This project is a part of a bigger effort to create a completely open GSM network, from a low level hardware to high level software.


  • Sponsoring of the Dutch IPv6 Award 2011 for the best implementation of the IPv6 protocol in the systems of an organisation. In contrast to previous awards this donation will mainly be used for creating an extensive website with substantive practical instructions and manuals (both technical and business process) for implementation of IPv6 in organisations.
  • Sponsoring of Svante Schubert's trip to the ODF Plugfest 2011 in Berlin. Svante gave a convincing technical presentation about the change tracking mechanism in ODF.